BitScoop Comic

Okay, we lied. We don't just build web sites.

We also write comic strips.

Ergo-Man strikes again
Steve has been an advocate of proper workplace ergonomics since day one. He also stands on the forefront of this vital field, searching for new ways to solve common office ergonomics issues.

The Art of Test Data Creation
This is what typically happens when we give test users access to sites which Robbie has worked on.

Robe, Robe, the Arachnophobe
This is what keeps Robbie awake at night.

And the sun sets on another day
As the college boys go back to school, we reflect on the work done in the summer of 2001.

Alarm clocks don't always work
We figure out why Robbie never shows up on time.

Saving the world isn't easy . . .
Luke (Flawless Man) gives Eric some helpful pointers.

If life were a singles bar . . .
Rob and Eric realize why Luke will one day rule the world.

More BS
Urban legends, Internet annoyances, and wit rolled into one.

Rob Dylan, the modern bard
Robbie's a musician as much as a web developer--and his songs can be a little strange.

Another Day, Another Dollar
Everyone knows interns don't actually work.

Working for the man
Without any work to do, Robbie finds himself in some strange places.

Celebrating 15 years in business

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