July 22, 2001

Stokes Ladders opening page re-design complete.

With a large client based in the agriculture and manufacturing industries, Stokes Ladders had opted for a very "stripped-down" approach to its web site design, in order to create a simple, clean customer information portal. After analyzing web traffic over a period of several months, it became apparent that a redesigned opening page could better steer customers and potential customers toward important product information.

To that end, BitSculptor redeveloped the opening page of the site. It features a completely different page layout than all subsequent site pages, and draws the user in by hitting them quick with product previews, while encouraging them to click through to actual product pages.

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This has been such a great experience that I am looking forward to working with BitSculptor for my business website development. I would recommend BitSculptor to everyone! Read more...

Cindy Strong, President
Lake County Theatre Company