Country Air Properties

When looking to revamp our real estate company's web site, we decided to choose a local vendor, one who was available to meet in person, and knew our community. We had several vendors to choose from, but we selected BitSculptor. BitSculptor is local and responsive. They recently created the local REALTOR Association website, and we liked how they put it together. When we interviewed the owner, Eric Schlange, he showed not only good technical skill, but his creative ability was impressive. In addition, he understood our business and what our customer needs are.

We have been with BitSculptor for nearly two years and we love our website. It's a continuing work in progress and BitSculptor is quick to implement our ideas, and they come up with many of their own. We often receive compliments on our website from our customers. The BitSculptor staff are also a pleasure to work with.

Phil Smoley
Country Air Properties