Grace Presbyterian Church

For the past several years our church has had the desire to have a web site that would be a communication tool for our own members as well as a window into our various ministries for those who might be interested in attending our church. The big questions were: 'How do we get that done?"'and 'How much is this going to cost?'

After researching various church web sites, I came across one that really appealed to me. It was full of rich, easy-to-navigate content. I met with the pastor at that church (It happened to be in the same town that Iím in.) and found out that his site had been built by BitSculptor. I met with the president of the company to discuss our site. We agreed upon a plan of action to get our site up and running.

The result has been outstanding. Not only is the design great and the price right, but on top of all this, BitSculptor has been a joy to work with. They are responsive to each and every call Iíve made. I highly recommend them to anyone considering the development of their own web site.

John D. Spuler
Director of Communications
Grace Presbyterian Church