BitSculptor adds corporate screen saver creation to multimedia design services.

August 30, 2001

Over 90% of computer users run a screen saver on their computer--a program which displays motion graphics when the computer is not in use. This affords a unique opportunity to our business clients, as a branded screen saver could be installed on the machines of their web site visitors, or on machines in their offices.

Screen savers can be made available via the corporate web site, where users can easily download and install them. This screen saver can then provide a constant reminder of the client's web site, while advertising the client's products and services.

Within our clients' offices, branded screen savers can lend an air of professionalism as unused computers will display catchy, eye-pleasing graphics to any passers-by.

The costs of developing a screen saver vary widely depending upon the depth of the design needed, but typical screen savers run in the $150-$450 range.

Posted 8/30/2001 in Miscellaneous