BitSculptor announces Postini spam filtering option

September 24, 2007


BitSculptor is happy to announce that Postini, an enterprise-grade spam and virus filtering solution, is available on a per-mailbox basis to our hosting customers.

BitSculptor's president Eric Schlange had this to say about the new Postini option: "BitSculptor's hosting services use a variety of tools to stop spam and virus emails before they ever reach our customers, and while these tools filter out most of the spam, enough gets through that some of our customers have been asking us for a “beefier” spam filtering tool. I've personally tested Postini extensively on a variety of accounts, and am happy to say I'm sure our customers will be more than satisfied with the results they get with Postini."

We’ve been evaluating spam filtering solutions for our customers for the past several months, and have chosen Postini for these reasons:

- Postini stops virtually ALL spam and virus messages from ever reaching your inbox
- Postini lets all the good messages through (virtually no "false positives")
- Setup is quick and easy (no changes required on our customer's end)
- Postini priced very competitively (similar solutions often cost $50-$60/year/mailbox)

Cost for Postini is $25 per mailbox per year. No setup costs! We believe the benefits of Postini far outweight the cost, given how much time many of us spend wading through spam. If you could eliminate spam, would it be worth $2/month?

Money-Back Guarantee:
We're convinced that you'll be very happy with the results of using Postini, but if you aren't, we'll gladly refund your money as long as you cancel within the first 30 days of using it.

Ready To Get Started?
Send an email to or give us a call to get Postini set up on your account(s).

Posted 9/24/2007 in Products/Services