BitSculptor completes phase 1 of database-driven, web-administered solution for Bethany Baptist Church.

August 25, 2000

Bethany Baptist Church, a growing church in Peoria, IL, is in the midst of an technology upgrade. Their offices are being networked, pastors are being trained on computer usage, and secretaries are learning and utilizing new software. Along with these upgrades, Bethany Baptist saw the need for a church web site which would serve two groups of users: first, anyone on the Internet who wanted to learn more about Christianity as a whole, or about churches in the Peoria area; secondly, the site needed to serve the needs of church members. Hence a name was chosen: Bethany Central.

To that end, BitSculptor created an innovative database-driven web solution which incorporates a resources database, a ministries database, and a calendar database. These three information deposits provide a wealth of information for both groups of users. The use of databases allows the site to be administered via simple web-based forms (OAF) by Bethany Baptist staff.

While the site is still in its infancy, church members are trumpeting its success and administrators are excited about the specific, simple tasks they can perform to keep the site up to date and informative.

Posted 8/25/2000 in Site Launches