BitSculptor relocating to 901 South Main in Lakeport, CA

August 15, 2005

After nearly four years at our present location, BitSculptor's offices will be moving a short distance south to 901 South Main in Lakeport, CA effective October 1, 2005. We encourage our local customers to stop in and say hello!

Why the Relocation?
To put it simply, we have outgrown our current office space. Our new office is nearly 10 times the size of the current BitSculptor office, giving us room for anticipated growth and client meetings.

What About Our Web Hosting?
Many of our web hosting clients have asked us if the move will affect their web hosting services in any way. The short answer is "no." We colocate our web hosting servers with a server farm in Seattle, and our moving does not in any way affect the web servers which run our sites.

How Do We Contact You During the Move?
The best way to contact us during the move (during the last few days of September) is via email--simply send a message to If you need to talk on the phone, our main phone line (707-263-5241) should stay up during the entire move. If you can't get through on the land line, please call the mobile phone at (707) 245-6611.

What's Going To Happen Next?
BitSculptor has been expanding during the last year, and we anticipate more growth in the future. As more specialized workers come on board, our overall product and service quality increases. With more office space, strong partnerships, and a full-time dedication to our clients needs we are now in a position to deliver better solutions than ever before. Watch for new service offerings as we begin to focus on the key needs of our clientele.

Posted 8/15/2005 in Company News