BitSculptor's email marketing application provides an end-to-end email marketing solution for your web site

June 26, 2006

BitSculptor has completed the development of our powerful email marketing toolset. Built to run in an Windows server environment using a SQL Server or MS Access backend database, these tools provide the core functionality to easily build, maintain, and effectively utilize email marketing for small or large email lists.

Capabilities and Features:

  • Grow your email list by enabling subscriptions from multiple sources on your (or third-party) site(s).
  • Maintain your list as needed by easily searching, removing, and adding list members. (Note: members can easily unsubscribe themselves if desired.)
  • Track the effectiveness of your list messages by looking in detail at the number of times each link in your message is clicked
  • Automatic archiving of messages and statistics allow you to view your email marketing history.
  • Compose messages in a rich text editor which allows you to save message drafts, insert images, and format text precisely.
  • Prevent being tagged as a spammer by implementing email "best practices" throughout the entire marketing process.

This tool has already been successfully implemented on sites with list sizes ranging from less than 500 to over 30,000. More implementations of the tool are scheduled in the coming months.

Interested in having this email marketing tool implemented into your web site? Contact us today!

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