Delivering content to user's desktops - podcasting tools rolled out for church web sites

September 1, 2005

BitSculptor recently implemented podcast creation tools for two of our church web site clients (Riverside Community Church and Bell Shoals Baptist Church).

What is a Podcast?
"Podcast" is just Apple's well-branded term for an audio broadcast using RSS (Really Simple Syndication), a common Internet technology which allows you to subscribe to content "feeds." This content is then downloaded to your computer or MP3 player automatically, allowing you to browse new information (or new audio) without making you go online to seek it out. Essentially, the beauty of podcasting and RSS is that the web comes to you.

Why Podcast?
Churches who regularly post message audio files on their site can increase their exposure and overall listening audience by podcasting their audio. Podcasts can be added to popular directories, giving churches exposure in otherwise untapped areas. Podcasting also helps ensure that your content (in this case, the message audio) reaches the listener's computer, instead of waiting for the listener to take the initiative and download the audio themselves.

How Do You Create a Podcast?
BitSculptor's new Podcast creation tools make podcasting a breeze. Coupled with other tools in our OAF toolset, creating a podcast is as simple as selecting an MP3 file from your computer and uploading it through our simple forms-based interface. The complex work of creating an XML file, saving the MP3, etc is done by our code in the background.

View Riverside Community Church's Podcast Page

Posted 9/1/2005 in Products/Services