Employee opinion survey site completed.

August 2, 2002

Getting employee feedback is vital to the health of any organization. But as organizations increase in size, it becomes more difficult to get that feedback and compile it into a useable format.

Survey Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Peoria, IL needed an efficient way to survey approximately 15 employees. BitSculptor created an online survey application wherein employees create anonymous login accounts, allowing them to "Save" their current survey feedback and return to it until they decide to submit the completed survey (which has approximately 40 questions).

On the administration side, survey answers can be easily viewed in real-time, or complete summaries can be printed from the site for further analysis. At a glance, administrators can look at the answers given to specific questions, even going as far as to break the answers down by employee workgroup.

Employee anonymity is preserved at all times by allowing employees to create their own unique, password-protected "survey accounts."

Posted 8/2/2002 in Site Launches