Grilled Cheese Tuesdays - It's On!

March 9, 2012

We work hard at BitSculptor--harder than many of you may think. These keyboards don't click themselves, after all. Between all the clicking and brainwork, we tend to burn a high number of calories. At least, that's what we tell ourselves...

To satisfy our caloric requirements, we've recently instituted "Grilled Cheese Tuesdays" at our main office in Lakeport, CA. Each Tuesday at noon we bring out the grill, a variety of breads and cheeses, and all the fixins, for a grilled cheese party like no other.

Each week we try some new ideas as we continue onward in our quest for grilled cheese glory. To date we've made sandwiches involving parmesan cheese, english muffins, salmon, bleu cheese, bacon, avocado, and variety of dangerous hot sauces... as well as trying out all the "standard" stuff like various breads, meats, and cheeses.

Join Us!
We've enjoyed having clients and friends visit us each week, and now we're extending the invitation to other locals. We'd love to have you stop by at noon on a Tuesday and grill a tasty sandwich. Our only request is that you call or email and let us know you'll be coming, so we can ensure we're adequately supplied. Your first visit, the food's on us. If you decide to come more often, we may ask you to pitch in a few bucks, or bring us Mother's Circus Animal cookies--Tuesday's dessert of choice. (We always run out fast!)

Shout Outs
We would be remiss if we didn't mention, a Wisconsin-based website which has given us some great ideas. We love our California cheese, but the Grilled Cheese Academy folks know what's up when it comes to grilling it. Also, we have to give a shout out to King of the Hill, a now-discontinued TV show which somehow seems to fit the ethos of Grilled Cheese Tuesday, and is therefore watched each Tuesday at noon as we eat.

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