Intranet database portal completed for CCCS, Peoria.

November 23, 2000

With over 3,000 clients and agents stored in a single MS Excel spreadsheet, the staff of Consumer Credit Counseling Services in Peoria, Illinois were faced with the need for a more robust and flexible solution that would scale to satisfy their needs as they added nearly 500 new clients and agents per month.

BitSculptor implemented a private intranet web site which provided a simple interface to the MS Access database ported and enhanced from the MS Excel spreadsheet. The site features easy-to-use search functions as well as editing and reporting functions. MS Word merge documents are integrated into the interface, allowing for dynamic document creation from within the Internet browser.

This application helps to move CCCS toward a paperless processing system for their "Credit When Credit Is Due" program--a credit education program which American Family insurance clients can take to lower their insurance premiums and learn more about debt management.

Posted 11/23/2000 in Site Launches