Lakeport Chamber Site Goes Live

July 16, 2008

Lakeport Chamber Screenshot

Bitsculptor recently completed the redesign and development of the Lakeport Chamber of Commerce web site at

The site has quite a few different areas of content and the design team decided that usability would be improved by using a distinct color for each area. These can be seen by rolling over the main navigation items. Also included in the new design is a dynamic Flash image fader on the home page which allows the Chamber site administrators to upload new highlighted events and news graphics using Bitsculptor's proprietary secure backend administration tools.

Using these backend tools, administrators can edit all of the page level content on the site as well as manage and send email newsletters. The benefit of using these administration tools is that all of the site management can be done in house by Chamber staff without needing to come back to Bitsculptor everytime they need something changed. Not only is this an easier solution, it also saves the Chamber money in the long run.

A great new look along with useful and secure administration tools ensure the usefulness of the new Chamber site for years to come.

Posted 7/16/2008 in Site Launches