Lyoness Team Sites Debut - Promotional Price for January

December 31, 2012

At BitSculptor we’re big fans of Lyoness. In fact, we were one of the first small businesses to join (with an 8% member benefit!) because we saw the massive potential for their innovative business model. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve seen that potential too.

Work Smarter

BitSculptor’s owner Eric Schlange built a website for his Lyoness team when he first started because he saw a need for a secure site where he could share resources with his growing team. This way instead of answering the same questions each time he signed up a member, he could answer them once and refer new members to those answers.

After testing, tweaking, and expanding the site for 8 months, Eric wants to share this resource with other Lyoness teams, because together we are strong. This is your opportunity to have a quality website just for your Lyoness team, at a fraction of the cost of similar websites.

What’s the Cost?

We wish we could give Lyoness teams these sites for free, but there’s too much labor involved (and too many Lyoness members!) to make that realistic. Therefore, we are offering these team sites at the lowest possible price point. The cost to set up your website for the month of January 2013 is $499. (And remember, Lyoness members receive an 8% member benefit when shopping with BitSculptor!)

What is Included?

You’ll receive a completely “turnkey” website which is populated with initial content and ready to rock from day one. Here are some details on the features of your team site:

  1. Domain and Hosting: Your own domain name ( and one full year of website hosting
  2. Members-Only Security: You must create unique user accounts for each member who wants to access the site—there is no public information available, keeping you compliant with Lyoness GTC’s.
  3. Startup Blog: A blog with 15+ startup “reference articles” written by Eric Schlange including “How to Shop With Lyoness”, “How Do I Send Money to Lyoness?”, “The Income Potential of a Single Unit”, “The Value of a No” and separate, detailed articles with examples explaining each of the 10 benefits. You may add new blog entries as you wish.
  4. Automatic Merchant Feed: new merchants are added to your site’s list as Lyoness adds them to the site!
  5. Event Calendar: powered by Google. Let your team know about upcoming Lyoness events!
  6. Customizable Team “To Do” List: give your team members a list of “to do’s” to get them started right, then track their progress. The site comes with a complete startup to do list which you can use out of the box or modify as desired.
  7. Audio Archive: post audio recordings of conference calls, etc which your team can listen to at their leisure.
  8. Email List: if you don’t have an email list solution in place we can set one up so you can easily email your team in a professional, trackable manner.
  9. Google Analytics: see how much traffic (visitors, page views, etc) your website is receiving.
  10. Basic Training: we will supply a “basic training” document showing how to easily modify and maintain your website’s content.
  11. Unlimited Expansion Capabilities: these sites are based on the hugely popular Wordpress platform. You can modify and expand your site’s content whenever you’d like.

Are There Any Ongoing Costs?

Your annual cost after the first year will be $100. This covers domain name renewal and website hosting.

Ready To Get Started?

Contact us at and we’ll get your site going!

What is Lyoness?

Haven’t heard of Lyoness before? You will soon! Lyoness is a global loyalty rewards program dedicated to providing a rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship between their unparalleled community of international shoppers and merchants. Contact us for more information on the benefits available to consumers and merchants, or visit for more information.

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