Online curriculum and tests to be developed for nationwide credit agency/insurance firm partnership.

February 7, 2002

Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Central Illinois is the choice provider of the "Credit When Credit Is Due" credit education program for American Family Insurance, a nationwide insurance firm. CCCS provides the curriculum and tests to AMFAM clients, who, if they pass the tests, are given an insurance discount, as clients with better credit are considered to be lower insurance risks.

BitSculptor has already developed a host of powerful web applications which allow CCCS to take online test orders, process, and track clients through a secure, web-based interface. Now, we will be putting the Credit When Credit Is Due curriculum and tests online, allowing people to register online, then immediately access the curriculum through a secured site. Tests will be taken online, and graded immediately by the system.

Online testing drastically simplifies the program registration and test processing process on CCCS' side of things, because they will no longer need to ship curriculum via postal mail, grade the tests by hand, or enter client data manually. With over 1200 new program registrants every month, the ROI will be obvious and immediate.

Posted 2/7/2002 in New Projects