REALTOR Renee Coffeen's Site Upgrade Launches

March 23, 2008


Bitsculptor recently completed a complete redevelopment of REALTOR Renee Coffeen's web site located at

The new site includes an integrated custom MLS search tool which provides users with easier to use and more advanced options for searching the Lake County MLS. No more clodgy third-party tools that limit what users can do and what information REALTORS can provide.

Other upgrades from the old site include:

Blog. Renee can keep her web site visitors informed about the local real estate market

Email Newsletter. Users can sign up and receive regular updates from Renee.

Custom Page Editor. Renee can edit all of page level content using Bitsculptor's proprietary site administration tools.

and more!

The new design reflects the curves and elegance of Renee's script logo while enhancing the elegance and beauty of the homes featured on the site.  

Posted 3/23/2008 in Site Launches