Riverside Community Church site re-design completed

April 12, 2005

Over 2-1/2 years ago BitSculptor completely revamped the web presence of Riverside Community Church in Peoria, IL. We built powerful content management tools and coupled them with an hip, "urban church" design to create a truly unique and powerful web site.

Today, Riverside is a larger church with a broader ministry base and an expanded vision for what can be done on the web. We redesigned Riverside's front page (and all internal site pages) to better reflect Riverside's current direction and vision, give the site a fresh look, and make room for expanded content.

Check it out: RiversidePeoria.com

The new front page gives visitors access to the most popular content and features frequently-updated text with large, inviting images. The well-structured layoutmakes it easy for the eyes to scan the page and quickly understand what the site contains.

The site's navigation tools also received an upgrade with a dynamic pulldown menu system giving visitors access to any page on the site in just one click.

The menu system updates itself on the fly as new events, ministries, and other content is added to the site through our OAF tools.

Posted 4/12/2005 in Site Launches