Riviera West Site Goes Live

October 24, 2008

Screenshot of Riviera West
Riviera West is an established neighborhood  in Lake County, California that came to Bitsculptor looking for a web presence for their homeowners association.

The design of the site was created to be warm and inviting while being decidedly "Lake County." This was accomplished through the use of color and strong imagery. The arch along the top of the site resulted from spending a fair amount of time with the logo provided by the association. The logo is actually just a photo of the neighborhood's entry sign which Bitsculptor Photoshopped into something usable.

All of the pages on the site are editable using Bitsculptor's proprietary secure backend tools. This allows the Association to keep the content current thereby making the site a valuable resource for both current and potential residents. As with most homeowners associations there's a lot of documents and rules that need to be readily available to people. To this end, we also included a prominent area where the site administrators can upload documents and sort them into categories as they choose.

Functional beauty was the target and we'd like to think we hit a bullseye.

See for yourself at www.rivierawest.org.


Posted 10/24/2008 in Site Launches