Stokes Ladders redesign/content additions are completed--traffic increases by 700%.

September 7, 1999

Building from the solid content platform created with the first phase of the Stokes Ladders web site, BitSculptor tweaked the site design and added more interactive features, increasing the site's usability and enhancing the already strong branding throughout the site.

While it may seem strange for a small ladder company in northern California to invest in a web site, Jerry Hook, CEO of Stokes Ladders, Inc, doesn't seem to think so. With an average of 100 visitors per day, the site has taken much of the load off of the office staff at Stokes, since customers can be refered to the web site for answers to product inquiries.

BitSculptor's search engine positioning services have also been utilized, giving the web site a top 10 ranking on all major search engines for targetted keywords. Traffic statistics and office phone calls indicate that visitors from Belgium, Brazil, and other countries have not only found the Stokes Ladders web site--they have also become Stokes Ladders customers!

Posted 9/7/1999 in Site Launches