White Oak Nursery sees a 35% increase in sales due to new e-commerce solution.

May 15, 2000

Cookie-cutter software creates cookie-cutter sites. This was very evident when observing the design quality and usability of the White Oak Nursery web site prior to April 4, 2000. Prior to this date, a UNIX-based perl script had been used to manage the e-commerce backend of the site. But as more and more items and features where required on the site, more and more customization was required.

It was decided that a re-development of the e-commerce backend would be the most effective solution to the cookie-cutter problem. With that in mind, BitSculptor developed a custom, scalable based solution which saw an immediate increase in sales. After the 2000 season's numbers were in, White Oak Nursery saw a 35% increase in sales when compared to the previous year's selling season with the older backend software.

Future plans for the site include gift certificate capabilities and a full-featured, web-based  administration area where White Oak Nursery can manage their online store.

Posted 5/15/2000 in Site Launches