Yahoo continues to deliver (poor email service, that is!) More information on 451 errors...

April 9, 2008

Once again, Yahoo is returning 451 errors when our customers send email to email addresses. The error message looks something like "451 Message temporarily deferred - 4.16.50." You may also see "Messages from temporarily deferred due to user complaints -"

This seems to happen every few months for no good reason, and any attempts to contact Yahoo support to resolve the issue fall on deaf ears.

What this means for our email hosting customers is that messages to addresses are often delayed or not delivered at all. Yahoo's justification for this is that our mail server is sending spam, but since we control our server tightly and know what goes in and out of it, we know that is not the case.

One factor possibly affecting Yahoo's email service is the recent layoffs of thousands of workers. A quick search on Google shows that this is a widespread issue. It is only a matter of time before Yahoo loses a significant number of email users due to their lack of consistent email delivery.

At BitSculptor, we've been advising our customers who use Yahoo email services to switch to a better service such as Gmail or Hotmail.  Both of these services offer a better product for the same great price (free).


Posted 4/9/2008 in Miscellaneous