Zero Glide "Fretted Instrument Replacement Nut System" Website Launched

March 22, 2012

BitSculptor recently launched a new project for long-time client Gold Tone Instruments of Titusville, FL. Gold Tone has been an innovator in the music industry for more than a decade, creating unique and affordable instruments and accessories which are especially well-known in the banjo world.

The "Zero Glide" product is an innovative replacement nut for acoustic instruments. This is a groundbreaking invention from Gold Tone owner Wayne Rogers which dramatically improves the playability and tone of guitars, banjos, and mandolins.

The website was built to introduce people to the innovative product, guide them in installation, and provide a direct sales channel. (Gold Tone already sells online through their other BitSculptor websites and

Phase 2 improvements will be coming soon, but the initial site launch was important as the product is being mass-marketed beginning in late March 2012.

Check it out at >

Posted 3/22/2012 in Site Launches