CEFC of Susanville, CA contracts BitSculptor to develop church web sites.

August 17, 2001

Community Evangelical Free Church of Susanville, CA has chosen BitSculptor to develop and host two web sites which will serve as information portals for current church goers and potential members in the community.

BitSculptor will be developing as the main web site for the church. This web site will feature an event calendar, ministries database, and online document archive. All of this content will be maintained through a online administration forms using simple online forms.

BitSculptor will also be developing, a web site specially targetted to the church's youth group consisting of Junior High, High School, and College students. This site will feature a large photo archive, event calendar, news, and other relevant content which will be maintained online via the youth staff.

Posted 8/17/2001 in New Projects

Fine Line Sawing and Drilling chooses BitSculptor to design, develop, and host database-driven corporate site.

August 8, 2001

Fine Line Sawing and Drilling is a large Bay Area construction firm specializing in sawing and drilling services. With four locations and many years of quality service to their name, Fine Line has become a highly-reputed, sought-after company in its market niche.

BitSculptor will be revamping Fine Line's current web site with a newly designed front-end, and a powerful backend which will allow the site's content to be maintained online through simple forms. Job Postings and Current Projects will be maintained through a secure, online administration area, ensuring up-to-date content.

BitSculptor was chosen to re-develop this site because of 1) our low development costs and 2) our ability to create online administration areas where clients with no HTML experience can easily modify their site's contents.

Posted 8/8/2001 in New Projects

In Season Ministries of Los Banos, CA chooses BitSculptor as designer/developer and web hosting provider.

July 27, 2001

A startup ministry in Southern California, In Season Ministries provides evangelism seminars to churches and other Christian groups in the area. Bob Niemond, founder, desires a web site which can serve as a dynamic web presence for his ministry. He will be maintaining the site via secure online forms (OAF) uploading documents such as topical Bible studies, which will then be downloaded for free by the site's users.

BitSculptor will be doing the initial design of the In Season Ministries logo and site pages, as well as backend development and web hosting.

Posted 7/27/2001 in New Projects

BitSculptor chosen as design/developer and web host for

June 7, 2001

St. Francois Vineyard of Park Hills, MO sells American and French hybrid grape vines in plan, rooting, and cutting form. They now want to move online and begin selling vines via their web site, which will also contain reference information like vine spacing and specific vine characteristics of their different varieties.

Reference links and store inventory will be maintained through a secure administration area (OAF).

The logo above was created in-house by BitSculptor's design team for use on the St. Francois web site, as well as other promotional materials like business cards, letterheads, and various print advertisements.

Posted 6/7/2001 in New Projects

BitSculptor begins development of four-site network for RGS Inc.

June 5, 2001

RGS Inc, located in California's Bay Area, is in the midst of a business expansion. With four different businesses under the RGS Inc umbrella, it has become essential to develop a group of web sites with a unified theme, yet varying content, to present the RGS Inc companies to potential and current clients.

RGS Inc specializes in construction and landscaping, both commercial and residential. BitSculptor will be using some existing corporate logos, while designing others and defining a corporate style for the web site and other media.

Posted 6/5/2001 in New Projects

Heyde Eye Center of Peoria, IL chooses BitSculptor as web presence provider.

May 1, 2001

The Heyde Eye Center of Peoria, IL provides top-notch eye care in the ophthalmology and optometry fields. Dr. Raymond R.S. Heyde provides surgical eye care, including Lasik® laser eye surgery.

BitSculptor has been chosen to develop and host Heyde Eye Center's web site, which will be located at In addition to standard business information, the site will feature a staff-updated calendar of free eye screenings, as well as in-depth pages detailing patient services, with staff-maintained links to other web sites which will inform potential patients about ophthalmic procedures.

All staff maintainence will be performed through a custom OAF interface.

Posted 5/1/2001 in New Projects

CCCS Intranet migration to secure Internet site will increase functionality, lower costs.

March 25, 2001

With an high level of unanticipated growth in their clientele, Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Peoria, IL has chosen to partner with other satellite credit counseling offices to work with American Family agents and clients. This necessitates moving the original Intranet site to a secure Internet site to allow for global access and enhanced features.

Cost savings will be realized by eliminating the need for an Internet server and subsequently eliminating the need for the Intranet support staff. Using BitSculptor's powerful hosting package options, a custom Internet hosting plan has been created which meets CCCS' needs while dramatically lowering costs.

With the addition of satellite office users, and the possibility of more satellite offices to come, BitSculptor will be enhancing the user database on the site to allow for more advanced user logging to track the actions of employees on the secure site. Other planned enhancements include dyamic online faxing, enhanced database reporting, and improved security strategies to meet the challenges of hosting a secure web site on an unsecure Internet.

Posted 3/25/2001 in New Projects

Gold Tone instruments of Titusville, FL chooses BitSculptor as turnkey e-commerce site development solution.

December 18, 2000

Gold Tone produces high-quality, acceptionally-priced banjos, upright basses, and mandolins in their Titusville, Florida plant. With the popularity of their instruments growing, Wayne Rogers (president) has decided to re-strategize and implement a new web solution for the company.

This solution will include more in-depth product information, online warranty registration, and quality streaming/downloadable sound clips of every instrument in the Gold Tone product line.

Posted 12/18/2000 in New Projects chooses BitSculptor for front-end site design of B2B portal.

October 8, 2000

As an industrial valve portal, needed a quick-loading, professional user interface design for their web site's front end. By looking at user demographics and client needs BitSculptor was able to create a creative, user-friendly interface in record time.

At the time of this release, is in their "soft launch" phase--that is, the site simple contains sample data and descriptions of capabilities for potential clients. The site's "hard launch" is estimated for early first quarter 2001.

BitSculptor provided all of the design and programming services for the completion of the front end. This includes logo design, page element design, page layout, and content design.

Posted 10/8/2000 in New Projects

Central Illinois' largest music retailer contracts BitSculptor for web site redesign/e-commerce solution.

March 10, 2000

Seeing a need for a stronger online presence, Kidder Music Service of Central Illinois has contracted BitSculptor to re-develop their site and implement a thorough e-commerce storefront. In addition to e-commerce comes a need for an online community arts calendar and a searchable database of schools and the Kidder service people who visit them.

BitSculptor will be re-developing the front-end of the site, designing graphics and page layouts which are user-friendly and eye-catching. Along with the front-end, though, comes a need for a seamless back-end solution, allowing Kidder to maintain the site content via a secure online administration area and simple forms (OAF).

Using proven technologies, BitSculptor will be developing a custom web solution for Kidder Music Services which will help them to continue to provide excellent services to the musical community of central Illinois for years to come.

Posted 3/10/2000 in New Projects

BitSculptor selected to revamp CCCS of Central IL's web strategies.

March 12, 1999

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Illinois had been left by their previous web developer with a poor site design and lots of good, yet unimplemented, ideas. BitSculptor will be redesigning the web site from scratch, around new content like an online budget calculator, featured resource lists, and in-depth service information. BitSculptor will also be hosting the web site, providing a turnkey web hosting and email solution.

Posted 3/12/1999 in New Projects

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