Gold Tone instruments of Titusville, FL chooses BitSculptor as turnkey e-commerce site development solution.

December 18, 2000

Gold Tone produces high-quality, acceptionally-priced banjos, upright basses, and mandolins in their Titusville, Florida plant. With the popularity of their instruments growing, Wayne Rogers (president) has decided to re-strategize and implement a new web solution for the company.

This solution will include more in-depth product information, online warranty registration, and quality streaming/downloadable sound clips of every instrument in the Gold Tone product line.

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BitSculptor and MDC Media of San Francisco announce alliance.

December 10, 2000

MDC Media and BitSculptor will be teaming up to produce web sites and accompanying marketing materials to deliver a "complete marketing package" to clients. MDC Media will specialize in marketing, sales, project management, and design, while BitSculptor will handle the bulk of the development and web hosting services.

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Intranet database portal completed for CCCS, Peoria.

November 23, 2000

With over 3,000 clients and agents stored in a single MS Excel spreadsheet, the staff of Consumer Credit Counseling Services in Peoria, Illinois were faced with the need for a more robust and flexible solution that would scale to satisfy their needs as they added nearly 500 new clients and agents per month.

BitSculptor implemented a private intranet web site which provided a simple interface to the MS Access database ported and enhanced from the MS Excel spreadsheet. The site features easy-to-use search functions as well as editing and reporting functions. MS Word merge documents are integrated into the interface, allowing for dynamic document creation from within the Internet browser.

This application helps to move CCCS toward a paperless processing system for their "Credit When Credit Is Due" program--a credit education program which American Family insurance clients can take to lower their insurance premiums and learn more about debt management.

Posted 11/23/2000 in Site Launches chooses BitSculptor for front-end site design of B2B portal.

October 8, 2000

As an industrial valve portal, needed a quick-loading, professional user interface design for their web site's front end. By looking at user demographics and client needs BitSculptor was able to create a creative, user-friendly interface in record time.

At the time of this release, is in their "soft launch" phase--that is, the site simple contains sample data and descriptions of capabilities for potential clients. The site's "hard launch" is estimated for early first quarter 2001.

BitSculptor provided all of the design and programming services for the completion of the front end. This includes logo design, page element design, page layout, and content design.

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BitSculptor completes phase 1 of database-driven, web-administered solution for Bethany Baptist Church.

August 25, 2000

Bethany Baptist Church, a growing church in Peoria, IL, is in the midst of an technology upgrade. Their offices are being networked, pastors are being trained on computer usage, and secretaries are learning and utilizing new software. Along with these upgrades, Bethany Baptist saw the need for a church web site which would serve two groups of users: first, anyone on the Internet who wanted to learn more about Christianity as a whole, or about churches in the Peoria area; secondly, the site needed to serve the needs of church members. Hence a name was chosen: Bethany Central.

To that end, BitSculptor created an innovative database-driven web solution which incorporates a resources database, a ministries database, and a calendar database. These three information deposits provide a wealth of information for both groups of users. The use of databases allows the site to be administered via simple web-based forms (OAF) by Bethany Baptist staff.

While the site is still in its infancy, church members are trumpeting its success and administrators are excited about the specific, simple tasks they can perform to keep the site up to date and informative.

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White Oak Nursery sees a 35% increase in sales due to new e-commerce solution.

May 15, 2000

Cookie-cutter software creates cookie-cutter sites. This was very evident when observing the design quality and usability of the White Oak Nursery web site prior to April 4, 2000. Prior to this date, a UNIX-based perl script had been used to manage the e-commerce backend of the site. But as more and more items and features where required on the site, more and more customization was required.

It was decided that a re-development of the e-commerce backend would be the most effective solution to the cookie-cutter problem. With that in mind, BitSculptor developed a custom, scalable based solution which saw an immediate increase in sales. After the 2000 season's numbers were in, White Oak Nursery saw a 35% increase in sales when compared to the previous year's selling season with the older backend software.

Future plans for the site include gift certificate capabilities and a full-featured, web-based  administration area where White Oak Nursery can manage their online store.

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Central Illinois' largest music retailer contracts BitSculptor for web site redesign/e-commerce solution.

March 10, 2000

Seeing a need for a stronger online presence, Kidder Music Service of Central Illinois has contracted BitSculptor to re-develop their site and implement a thorough e-commerce storefront. In addition to e-commerce comes a need for an online community arts calendar and a searchable database of schools and the Kidder service people who visit them.

BitSculptor will be re-developing the front-end of the site, designing graphics and page layouts which are user-friendly and eye-catching. Along with the front-end, though, comes a need for a seamless back-end solution, allowing Kidder to maintain the site content via a secure online administration area and simple forms (OAF).

Using proven technologies, BitSculptor will be developing a custom web solution for Kidder Music Services which will help them to continue to provide excellent services to the musical community of central Illinois for years to come.

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