CEFC front page and new visitors page created.

December 10, 2001

A new front page has been created for the CEFC Church web site, featuring rotating photos, a single navigation bar, and a new design which compliments, but does not copy, the rest of the site. In conjunction with this new front page, a new visitors page has been created. This page is specifically targetted at people who have never visited the church before--it summarizes information about the church, contains photos and quotes from existing church members, and contains links to other sites that pertain to Susanville (the city where CEFC is located).

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Banjo Kit guide subsite completed.

November 26, 2001

The extensive Instruction Manual for Assembly, Finish, and Setup of the OB-250 Banjo Kit has been completed for client Gold Tone of Titusville, FL. Originally written and photographed by banjo setup specialist Richie Dotson, the text and images were modified and formatted to fit into the overall Gold Tone site structure.

Although it is an extensive guide, effective use of hyperlinks and standard navigation tools make it easy to browse and understand.

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Local church site site taken live.

November 2, 2001

Grace Evangelical Free Church's web site has been taken live. This site features much of the standard church web site content, plugged into our innovative OAF site management tools to allow GEFC's members to maintain the site themselves.

Major site features include a ministries database, calendar, link archive, and photo archive. With its simple presentation of church information, the web site will serve as the main vehicle for informing GEFC's congregation about upcoming events and current ministry opportunities.

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ShoreLife Church redesign completed.

October 12, 2001

With a church just blocks away from the headquarters of software giant Oracle Inc in trendy Redwood Shores, CA, Pastor Garrett Brown's church site needed a modern look and feel.

We redesigned the site to make it load quickly and cleanly, with easy to scan text and pictures. More photos are on the way, but the new site has already generated lots of positive feedback from ShoreLife members.

Check out the ShoreLife site.

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St. Francois Vineyard site goes live.

September 27, 2001

After 3 months of development, went live today. The site features online ordering of grape vine plants and cuttings, grape resource links, and concise information on all of the grape varieties that St. Francois sells.

The site is administered using simple online forms (OAF), giving St. Francois staff the ability to change variety information online, view orders, and add grape resource links.

BitSculptor developed the web site and corporate look-and-feel from scratch, designing the St. Francois Vineyard logo as well as all of the page layouts, color schemes, and backend databases. Additionally, bitScuptor hosts the web site on our powerful, secure Windows 2000 servers.

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AMFAM Credit Course site goes live.

September 25, 2001

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Illinois processes "Credit When Credit Is Due" course registrations for American Family Insurance. Insurance clients who successfully pass the credit education course receive a discount on their insurance policies because they are statistically lower-risk customers.

For over a year, CCCS has been processing these registrations through the postal mail. With hundreds of registrations per week, this resulted in a huge data entry/paperwork load. The goal of the web site is to shift much of that load off of CCCS by automating most of the registration process. This presents us with the core solution to many of the problems which CCCS was encountering in processing course registrations. Problems and solutions associated with this web site were:

Problem: too much manual data entry, resulting in data errors and a need for more data entry workers.
Solution: take client data entered on the site, validate it using advanced data validation techniques, and copy that data directly to the registrations database. This means no data entry by CCCS staff, and a greatly reduced number of data errors.

Problem: too many course registration payments were returned because of insufficient funds or an invalid payment type.
Solution: only credit cards are accepted through the web site, and they are validated in real-time to ensure that the card is valid and payment is authorized.

Problem: too much lag time between clients sending registrations, and actually receiving course materials.
Solution: online course registrations are visible immediately to CCCS staff, who process those registrations by the next business day.

Problem: CCCS staff was fielding many phone calls and emails from insurance clients and agents with various questions about the Credit When Credit Is Due course.
Solution: An FAQ is on the web site, which answers all of the questions commonly asked. More popular questions automatically "bubble to the top" of the list, making it easier for site visitors to use.

Problem: many people are hesitant to give their private information out over the Internet, especially when it concerns their credit rating.
Solution: a detailed security statement is included on the web site, which explains how the site uses industry-standard SSL encryption to encrypt all data gathered through the web site.

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Our prayers and condolences go out to the victims of today's tragedies.

September 11, 2001

Posted 9/11/2001 in Miscellaneous goes live

September 5, 2001

Designed, developed, and hosted by BitSculptor, the web site went live today. This site is specifically targetted at the Community Evangelical Free Church of Susanville, CA's youth groups, which include Junior High, High School and College-aged students.

The site features photo albums, news archives, online journals, and web site favorites archives, all of which are maintained online through a password-protected administration area (OAF) using simple online forms.

Also of note is the CEFC Youth screensaver available for download on the site. This screensaver is made up of animations created from photos of CEFC Youth, as well as theme verses and the logo.

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BitSculptor adds corporate screen saver creation to multimedia design services.

August 30, 2001

Over 90% of computer users run a screen saver on their computer--a program which displays motion graphics when the computer is not in use. This affords a unique opportunity to our business clients, as a branded screen saver could be installed on the machines of their web site visitors, or on machines in their offices.

Screen savers can be made available via the corporate web site, where users can easily download and install them. This screen saver can then provide a constant reminder of the client's web site, while advertising the client's products and services.

Within our clients' offices, branded screen savers can lend an air of professionalism as unused computers will display catchy, eye-pleasing graphics to any passers-by.

The costs of developing a screen saver vary widely depending upon the depth of the design needed, but typical screen savers run in the $150-$450 range.

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Europe Semester portal completed for Westmont College of Santa Barbara, CA.

August 17, 2001

Westmont College, a liberal arts college in Santa Barbara, CA, takes a group of students on a Europe Semester every Fall. Students tour Europe from August thru December, taking college courses while becoming engrossed in European art, history, and geography.

The Europe Semester web site will be maintained by students and faculty while they are in Europe. Photos, articles, and journals will all be kept on the web site, where they can be accessed by other students, parents, faculty, etc. Professors are requiring that Europe Semester students post articles to the site as part of their curriculum for the semester.

BitSculptor developed a secure administration area which uses simple online forms (OAF) to allow students to maintain all of the content on the site. The site also displays current location information, mailing information, and news about the team.

Note: the site is password-protected due to security issues concerning the students and faculty traveling to Israel and other high-risk areas.

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CEFC of Susanville, CA contracts BitSculptor to develop church web sites.

August 17, 2001

Community Evangelical Free Church of Susanville, CA has chosen BitSculptor to develop and host two web sites which will serve as information portals for current church goers and potential members in the community.

BitSculptor will be developing as the main web site for the church. This web site will feature an event calendar, ministries database, and online document archive. All of this content will be maintained through a online administration forms using simple online forms.

BitSculptor will also be developing, a web site specially targetted to the church's youth group consisting of Junior High, High School, and College students. This site will feature a large photo archive, event calendar, news, and other relevant content which will be maintained online via the youth staff.

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Fine Line Sawing and Drilling chooses BitSculptor to design, develop, and host database-driven corporate site.

August 8, 2001

Fine Line Sawing and Drilling is a large Bay Area construction firm specializing in sawing and drilling services. With four locations and many years of quality service to their name, Fine Line has become a highly-reputed, sought-after company in its market niche.

BitSculptor will be revamping Fine Line's current web site with a newly designed front-end, and a powerful backend which will allow the site's content to be maintained online through simple forms. Job Postings and Current Projects will be maintained through a secure, online administration area, ensuring up-to-date content.

BitSculptor was chosen to re-develop this site because of 1) our low development costs and 2) our ability to create online administration areas where clients with no HTML experience can easily modify their site's contents.

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In Season Ministries of Los Banos, CA chooses BitSculptor as designer/developer and web hosting provider.

July 27, 2001

A startup ministry in Southern California, In Season Ministries provides evangelism seminars to churches and other Christian groups in the area. Bob Niemond, founder, desires a web site which can serve as a dynamic web presence for his ministry. He will be maintaining the site via secure online forms (OAF) uploading documents such as topical Bible studies, which will then be downloaded for free by the site's users.

BitSculptor will be doing the initial design of the In Season Ministries logo and site pages, as well as backend development and web hosting.

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BitSculptor joins local Lakeport Chamber of Commerce.

July 25, 2001

To further our goal of strengthening the local community through service, employment, and high-quality web services, BitSculptor has joined the Lakeport Chamber of Commerce. Our hope is that contact with the Chamber and its members will allow us to truly display "Synergy through technology" as we advise the community and our clients regarding ideal web solutions.

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Stokes Ladders opening page re-design complete.

July 22, 2001

With a large client based in the agriculture and manufacturing industries, Stokes Ladders had opted for a very "stripped-down" approach to its web site design, in order to create a simple, clean customer information portal. After analyzing web traffic over a period of several months, it became apparent that a redesigned opening page could better steer customers and potential customers toward important product information.

To that end, BitSculptor redeveloped the opening page of the site. It features a completely different page layout than all subsequent site pages, and draws the user in by hitting them quick with product previews, while encouraging them to click through to actual product pages.

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BitSculptor chosen as design/developer and web host for

June 7, 2001

St. Francois Vineyard of Park Hills, MO sells American and French hybrid grape vines in plan, rooting, and cutting form. They now want to move online and begin selling vines via their web site, which will also contain reference information like vine spacing and specific vine characteristics of their different varieties.

Reference links and store inventory will be maintained through a secure administration area (OAF).

The logo above was created in-house by BitSculptor's design team for use on the St. Francois web site, as well as other promotional materials like business cards, letterheads, and various print advertisements.

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BitSculptor begins development of four-site network for RGS Inc.

June 5, 2001

RGS Inc, located in California's Bay Area, is in the midst of a business expansion. With four different businesses under the RGS Inc umbrella, it has become essential to develop a group of web sites with a unified theme, yet varying content, to present the RGS Inc companies to potential and current clients.

RGS Inc specializes in construction and landscaping, both commercial and residential. BitSculptor will be using some existing corporate logos, while designing others and defining a corporate style for the web site and other media.

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Heyde Eye Center of Peoria, IL chooses BitSculptor as web presence provider.

May 1, 2001

The Heyde Eye Center of Peoria, IL provides top-notch eye care in the ophthalmology and optometry fields. Dr. Raymond R.S. Heyde provides surgical eye care, including Lasik® laser eye surgery.

BitSculptor has been chosen to develop and host Heyde Eye Center's web site, which will be located at In addition to standard business information, the site will feature a staff-updated calendar of free eye screenings, as well as in-depth pages detailing patient services, with staff-maintained links to other web sites which will inform potential patients about ophthalmic procedures.

All staff maintainence will be performed through a custom OAF interface.

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Gold Tone web site goes live

April 27, 2001

Gold Tone SiteWith the majority of the site's content gathered together and stored in a backend database, the Gold Tone web site ( went live on April 27, 2001. Online warranty registrations were received almost immediately as customers began to use the new site's features.

In addition to a complete site redesign, new site features include a dealer search page, online warranty registration, and uniform formatting of instrument detail pages.

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CCCS Amfam Intranet to Internet conversion completed

April 18, 2001

Consumer Credit Counseling's secure Internet web site for processing "Credit When Credit Is Due" clients has been completed, allowing satellite offices anywhere in the world to access the site, where clients and agents can be added, edited, removed, and closed.

Progressing from an almost completely paper-based processing system to a nearly paperless one has saved the office time and costs. The addition of online faxing capabilities alone has saved hours per week in fax processing.

Future site enhancements include putting client tests and curriculum online, as well as emailing test results to clients and agents.

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