BitBlog backend development completed.

November 21, 2002

Designed by Gayton Design, the new site has a powerful backend developed by BitSculptor. The site is also hosted by BitSculptor.

The site features a powerfully simple reunion search interface, allowing visitors to search for their reunion in order to register for the reunion online. The search is "fuzzy," allowing users to input only part of a school's name, school abbreviations, etc. Once a reunion is found, users may register immediately through the site, paying for their reunion tickets in real-time using a credit card number.

Of course, any BitSculptor-developed site would not be complete without a powerful, password-secured online administration area. In this case, the administration area allows Reunion Makers staff to add/edit/remove reunions in the searchable database and view current reservation details.

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Lake County Office of Education chooses BitSculptor to create youth-oriented site.

November 19, 2002

The new site will be targeting youth in the Junior High/High School age ranges, and will seek to inform and involve them in healthy activities county-wide.

Site content will include a county-wide event calendar, photo albums, weekly prize drawings, resources links, and summer job listings. Much of the content will be maintained and regulated by a large network of school teachers, students, and Lake County Office of Education (LCOE) employees.

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Startup church web site launched at

October 1, 2002

Edge CommunityA new church starting in Lakeport, California will be aided by a strong web presence developed and hosted by BitSculptor.

Featuring OAF-maintained event calendar, recommended web sites, Digital Ink articles, news items, audio clips, and more, the site will be used as the main communications portal for Edge Community.

With its modern look and "edgy" content, the site has already received rave reviews from many visitors. But don't take our work for it: check it out for yourself.

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New youth group site design unveiled, with powerful email list/online poll components.

August 31, 2002

With new content needs and ministry goals, the youth ministry staff at Community Evangelical Free Church in Susanville, CA saw a need for a revamped youth web site. The design needed to refocus users on the important content (news, photos/videos, and calendar) while providing a "modern" interface.

Along with a new design, BitSculptor created an automated email newsletter listing application, from which CEFC staff can email youth group members bi-weekly updates (called the JH:linkup and HS:linkup). These emails are nicely formatted in HTML, making them match the branding of the site. Most of the email message content is automatically generated (ie, upcoming events, web site updates) while allowing staff to put in custom comments, signatures, and photos.

To add some basic interactivity to the site, BitSculptor created an online poll database, allowing CEFC staff to create new online polls. These polls are displayed throughout the site, and results can be viewed easily.

Check out the revamped site at




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Employee opinion survey site completed.

August 2, 2002

Getting employee feedback is vital to the health of any organization. But as organizations increase in size, it becomes more difficult to get that feedback and compile it into a useable format.

Survey Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Peoria, IL needed an efficient way to survey approximately 15 employees. BitSculptor created an online survey application wherein employees create anonymous login accounts, allowing them to "Save" their current survey feedback and return to it until they decide to submit the completed survey (which has approximately 40 questions).

On the administration side, survey answers can be easily viewed in real-time, or complete summaries can be printed from the site for further analysis. At a glance, administrators can look at the answers given to specific questions, even going as far as to break the answers down by employee workgroup.

Employee anonymity is preserved at all times by allowing employees to create their own unique, password-protected "survey accounts."

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Quattro Alloy Valve, Inc site taken live

July 19, 2002

Quattro Alloy Valve, Inc

As a manufacturer of high-end alloy valves used in very specialized applications, Quattro Alloy Valve on Kelseyville, CA needed more than a simple "online business card." Rather, they needed a site that facilitated the request for quote (RFQ) process and enabled more efficient communication between Quattro and their clients.

Quattro Alloy Valve, Inc With a single valve often costing more than $10,000, much more goes into purchasing transactions that we see on typical e-commerce sites. Valve distributors don't just fill a "shopping cart" and pay with a credit card--rather, they enter requests for quotes, to which Quattro Alloy Valve responds. Once an order is approved, a delivery schedule must be given, materials must be certified, etc. By logging into the Quattro Alloy Valve site, distributors will be able to perform cost-saving actions like checking the status of their orders and download maintenance manuals.

Quattro markets its valves by selling only through distributors--therefore, "end users" (those who actually use the valves) cannot order directly from Quattro. Instead, they can submit RFQs to approved distributors via the site--distributors can then pass those RFQs on to Quattro.

All in all, the process is very efficient, saving costs in a variety of ways. A simple example: typically, detailed valve "cut sheets" (CAD drawings) must be submitted to distributors prior to their purchasing a valve. To cut down on this cost and lag time, registered distributors and end-users can look at detailed CAD drawings of valves via the Quattro site.

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HESCO chooses BitSculptor as web design/hosting provider.

June 7, 2002

HESCO LogoHESCO, a division of PTSE, Inc, provides high-energy x-ray services to high-end clients in both private and public sectors. Located in Alameda, CA, their services include field services on structures such as bridges and buildings, where HESCO can examine common points of failure to catch problems before they become dangerous.

HESCO PhotoHESCO also has tools such as this vehicle which can be used to x-ray other vehicles (such as boats or trucks) to learn about their contents. With the recent security concerns in the US, these tools are in high demand. HESCO hopes that the web site will serve as a central point of information for current and potential clients.

Planned launch date for the site is mid-August, 2002.

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Grace Presbyterian Church site goes live

May 28, 2002

A new, powerful web site for Grace Presbyterian Church of Peoria, IL was taken live late last week. With over 2400 people attending weekly services, and many more watching televised services from their homes, Grace Presbyterian see this site as a unified communication portal for members and new visitors. In order to keep the content current, this custom-developed site features some of the most powerful backend applications ever seen on a church web site, allowing for the creation of staff-maintained content such as:

We've found that no church web site will succeed without an easy-to-use, powerful content management interface which allows multiple users to update various types of content throughout the site. BitSculptor developed such an interface, using code and logic from our OAF toolset.

At launch, the site had over 15 "administrators" set up, each with varying levels of access allowing them to edit different content throughout the site. Administrators may be volunteers who merely want to maintain their ministry's home page--others may be church secretaries who need to maintain the online church calendar. Each user is given access to only the content they need, in order to simplify administration and keep content safe from administrator errors.

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White Oak Nursery doubles its online sales for 2002 season.

May 23, 2002

As one of our earlier clients, White Oak Nursery has been selling hosta plants online since 1999. Each year, sales have increased as we've worked with White Oak Nursery to make the site more user-friendly, get better rankings on search engines, and expand the overall features. Recently Bob Keller, owner of the nursery, sent us this note:

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we appreciate all you have done for our business. Each year our internet sales have grown beyond our expectations. In fact, this year we doubled the number of visitors, and sales, from the web site. I also appreciate all the suggestions you have made to improve the site the last three years...and the good humor and patience you've displayed in dealing with my many questions.

Best Regards,
Bob Keller
White Oak Nursery

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Bethany Central online coloring books taken live.

March 20, 2002

In an effort to make the Bethany Central web site more kid-friendly, BitSculptor has created online coloring books for children (or adults) to use. See them for yourself!

The coloring books use a Java applet to allow visitors to color images on the web site. Colored images can even be printed for later viewing!

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Online Credit Course completed.

March 15, 2002

The online version of the "Credit When Credit Is Due" credit education course has been completed, and clients are already enjoying the benefits of taking the course online. Prior to the development of the online course, clients could register online to take the course, but were then mailed the course materials. Once the tests had been completed by the client, they were mailed back to CCCS for grading purposes.

With the online course in place, clients can (and have!) sign up for the course, and begin reading the materials and taking the tests immediately. Some clients actually pass the entire course the same day as they register! The elimination of the need to send course materials via postal mail and process orders by hand has resulted in a huge savings for the already-busy credit counseling offices.

The online course includes secure tests, password-protected administration features, and restricted access to course materials.

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Basic Earthtone Drumheads web site completed.

March 5, 2002

Earthtone is the premier manufacturer and direct seller of real skin drumheads. With rave reviews coming out in major drum magazines, Wayne Rogers of Earthtone saw a need for a revamped web presence and an improved logo.

BitSculptor designed a new logo for Earthtone, using the "retro yet modern" approach that Earthtone has used in the design and manufacturing of their skin heads. Additionally, BitSculptor re-designed the Earthtone web site, adding content and reviews. Phase 2 of the site will include online ordering, more photos, and installation instructions.

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Custom room reservations/event calendar web app completed.

February 22, 2002

Whitaker's Services of Richardson, TX needed a custom web application which would allow multiple users to maintain a room reservations calendar through a secured online interface. While these types of applications can be very complex, BitSculptor's crack team of developers was able to work with Whitaker's project manager to develop a very functional, flexible, and portable web app that can be used on a variety of web sites, since the look and feel are easy customized.

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Online curriculum and tests to be developed for nationwide credit agency/insurance firm partnership.

February 7, 2002

Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Central Illinois is the choice provider of the "Credit When Credit Is Due" credit education program for American Family Insurance, a nationwide insurance firm. CCCS provides the curriculum and tests to AMFAM clients, who, if they pass the tests, are given an insurance discount, as clients with better credit are considered to be lower insurance risks.

BitSculptor has already developed a host of powerful web applications which allow CCCS to take online test orders, process, and track clients through a secure, web-based interface. Now, we will be putting the Credit When Credit Is Due curriculum and tests online, allowing people to register online, then immediately access the curriculum through a secured site. Tests will be taken online, and graded immediately by the system.

Online testing drastically simplifies the program registration and test processing process on CCCS' side of things, because they will no longer need to ship curriculum via postal mail, grade the tests by hand, or enter client data manually. With over 1200 new program registrants every month, the ROI will be obvious and immediate.

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First AME Church of Oakland, CA chooses BitSculptor as web presence provider.

January 14, 2002

With a congregation of 2000 people, the First AME (FAME) Church of Oakland, CA is active and growing in the heart of the Bay Area. With that activity comes a need to communicate better with current and potential members of the church, as well as the community as a whole.

With BitSculptor's proven track record of church web site applications, the choice was an easy one. We will be developing a data-driven, interactive site which will be administered by FAME staff and volunteers via a custom online administration forms interface.

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Grace Presbyterian Church of Peoria, IL chooses BitSculptor as web presence provider.

January 7, 2002

With its Sunday services broadcasted weekly over television and radio, Grace Presbyterian Church of Peoria, IL is no stranger to the power of mass media communications. As one of the largest churches in the Peoria, Grace Pres communicates on a daily basis with a large congregation both within the church, and outside of its walls.

After working with BitSculptor for several months to learn about the capabilities of the Internet as a communications medium, Grace Pres has chosen BitSculptor to develop its full-featured web site.

The site will feature an online event calendar (with the ability to filter the events by different ministries), photo albums, a missions database, document uploads, ministry information, sermon audio, and a host of other features. This content will be maintained by church staff and volunteers, using a custom online administration forms interface.

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