Carriage House vacation home site goes live

December 21, 2004

The Carriage House is a vacation rental home in Lakeport, CA. Owners George and Cheryl Smith wanted a web presence that spoke to the quality of the home, its historic value, and the various features of the home.

The site is overall a simple one, but the eye-catching design and well-organized content make it stand out from other local B&B/Vacation rental web sites. Site content includes rental details, floor plans, an extensive photo gallery, local attractions and links, amenities information, and driving directions.

The site was developed and is being hosted by BitSculptor.

Check it out:


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Bell Shoals Baptist Church online event registration/shopping tools go live

September 13, 2004

Six months after completing phase 1 of a complete site revamp, BitSculptor has taken live phase 2 of, adding online event registration and shopping features to an already feature-rich site. With a membership of over 6,000 people, Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, FL is no small "country church," and their web site needs are also not small..

The new online event registration capabilities are powerful yet simple to administer, giving ministry coordinators the ability to create calendar events and custom registration forms for those events. Site visitors can then register for the event online, submitting secure credit card payment through the site.

Secure checkout capabilities are also used for the Bell Shoals store, which currently sells Senior Pastor Forrest Pollock's sermon series' and will soon expand to other items.

Both the online event registration and the Bell Shoals store tools run through a single shopping cart and secure payment gateway, simplifying administration for church accountants who download transaction reports which are then imported into their office financial software.

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Lake County Board of REALTORS® public and private web site goes live

June 7, 2004

As a company who believes in our local community, we were excited when the local board of REALTORS® approached us about developing them a strong web presence. Beyond the basic "business card" features of most web sites the web site committee wanted features like the "big city" board sites--features like searchable agent lists, backend content management, and site search tools.

We designed, developed, and host the new Lake County Board of REALTORS® web site which includes a calendar of events, myLCBOR account management for hundreds of board members, our new site search tools, and more. Most of the site content is maintained online through our OAF interface, letting office staff maintain the site's content on a daily basis.


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Spokane Real Estate goes live.

May 2, 2004

Developed for REALTOR Dustin Greenup of Spokane, Washington, is a complete design and build along with search engine marketing. Look for the full site late 2007.

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Konocti Rod & Gun club site goes live with OAF content management tools and Swap Shop

April 30, 2004

With membership numbers soaring in recent years, the Konocti Rod & Gun Club (a local group of sportsmen and women) knew they needed to be able to communicate more effectively with its membership.

Their revamped web site includes a calendar of events, online photo albums, and the monthly club newsletter. All of this content is maintained online through our OAF interface, allowing club members to maintain the site's content on a daily basis. The site is also hosted by BitSculptor, making this a simple "soup to nuts" solution requiring minimal hassle on the client's end.

Check it out:


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Powerful, custom site search tools unveiled

March 8, 2004

We are excited to announce the availability of our custom site search tools to our web site development clients. These tools let your site's visitors search your site by keyword(s), effectively placing every page of your site at their fingertips. Our tools have been under development for over a year, and we honestly believe that they offer a solution that is second to none in price and performance compared to other search solutions available today.

You can test the search tools on several of our live sites, including:
Lake County Board of REALTORS®
Riverside Community Church
Enviro-Safe Refrigerants, Inc

Sitewide search tools are very helpful, especially on sites with a high number of pages. They offer an easy way for your visitors to find out if certain content is in fact on your site. Additionally, site search tools are useful to you, the site owner, because searches are logged, allowing you to find out what people are looking for!

Most site search solutions on the market today suffer from one of two issues. First, they may charge a monthly or yearly fee in order to keep your search indexes up to date. This cost can run into the hundreds of dollars per month, especially on sites with a high number of pages. The second problem that many site search tools have is that they do not index site content properly--they may not index content which is stored in the site's databases, or they may only search the content found in those databases (but not the rest of the site's content)!

Our search tool overcomes both of these obstacles. First, the only cost incurred is only a one-time setup fee of $150. Secondly, ALL of your site's content is indexed, including PDFs, Word documents, and more.

Contact us today to have us set up sitewide search tools on your web site.

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Bell Shoals Baptist Church site goes live

February 28, 2004

With a membership of over 6,000 people, Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, FL is no small "country church." With growth continuing, a new senior pastor on board, and a building campaign on the way, the leadership team of Bell Shoals new it was time to "ramp up" their web presence to something more visually attractive and easy to maintain. features some of the most advanced OAF site management tools to date, including rich text editing features, secure custom mailing lists, and online member directory administration.

This site also features one of our first implementations of our new site search tool. With so many ministries, events, and other content spread across the site, a sitewide search tool was a logical extension of the simple navigation used to browse the site's areas.


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Rich text editing capabilities added to OAF site administration toolset

February 1, 2004

We are proud to announce the addition of rich text editing to our already powerful OAF site content administration toolset. This gives our clients the ability to easily format the text placed on their sites by changing font face, size, color, etc in an interface very similar to MS Word and other industry-standard word processors.

Unlike many online rich text editors, ours is platform and browser independent, allowing both Mac and PC users, using Netscape and Internet Explorer, to maintain their site's content in a rich text enviroment.

Here is a screenshot of our tool in action:

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Enviro-Safe web site goes live

January 27, 2004

Located in Pekin, IL, Enviro-Safe Refrigerants, Inc produces environmentally-friendly refrigerants and automotive fluids for consumer and industry use. Looking to better inform current and prospective customers, they turned to BitSculptor for a logo design, photography, web development, and web hosting services.

OAF (Online Administration Forms) were included to allow the client to easily modify site content such as FAQs and Product details. This site is one of the first to go live with BitSculptor's new Rich Text OAF Tools, which allow site administrators to easily update site text in an MS Word-style interface.

BitSculptor was able to provide a full 'soup to nuts' solution, handling the project from its inception to completion in order to keep things simple on the client's side. The result is a dynamic new corporate look and feel and a professional-quality web site containing a lot of readily-accessible product and company information.

Visit the Enviro-Safe web site

    Enviro-Safe Logo

Enviro-Safe Logo

Enviro-Safe Logo

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Interactive Bed & Breakfast mapping application completed.

January 12, 2004

As a big player in the highly competitive online B&B information market, 1BBWeb saw interactive mapping capabilities as something which would help to encourage people to visit the web site while acting as a "selling point" to subscribing B&Bs who pay for listings on the site.

BitSculptor developed the worldwide interactive maps to plug into the site's existing database of thousands of B&Bs. Coupled with powerful server-side GIS (Geographical Information System) software, interactice maps of major continents (currently North and South America, Europe, and Australia) are produced on the fly as requested by web site visitors. Visitors are able to quickly see which B&Bs are located near their vacation areas, clicking on locations for more information about specific B&Bs.

Visit the 1BB web site

   1BBWeb Screenshot

1BBWeb Screenshot

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