Interactive maps and searches of available rentals on new Country Air Property Management site

December 13, 2005

Country Air Property Management is a daughter company of CPS Country Air, the top-selling real estate firm in Lake County, CA.

Their new web site pushes interactive features which benefit the site's core audience: people seeking available rentals in Lake County, California. Visitors may search available rentals by price, city, and number of bed/baths. They may also use the interactive mapping tool to see available rentals around the lake, get driving directions to rentals, view rental property photos, and more.

Site content is maintained via our custom OAF (Online Administration Form) tools, allowing staff to maintain rental listing information, upload photos, modify featured rentals, and more. The OAF tools are very user-friendly, enabling staff to quickly and easily change site content without any training or web site development knowledge.

Check it out online at:


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Lakeport Unified School District selects BitSculptor to develop new web presence

December 9, 2005

The Lakeport Unified School District (LUSD) has selected BitSculptor to revamp their current web presence with a fresh design, new content, and powerful backend content management tools.

The revamped web site will include content which will be maintained by LUSD staff including lunch menus, bus schedules, district news, and an employment portal listing job openings in the district. Other content will include links to local schools and other local resources, contact information, documentation on building projects and committees, and more.

The revamped web site will also be Section 508 compliant, ensuring that it is accessible to those with physical limitations.

The new site is slated to launch in mid-Q1 2006.

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Hospice Services of Lake County selects BitSculptor to revamp web site

October 20, 2005

Hospice Services of Lake County has been providing hospice care to local residents since 1980. For those who may not be familiar with the term, "hospice" is a special healthcare option for patients and families who are faced with a terminal illness. Hospice provides palliative (comfort) care when curative treatment is no longer the patientís choice.

The revamped web site will feature extensive content explaining hospice services in terms of the patient, the hospital, family, and more. It will also contain information on donating time or other resources to Hospice Services of Lake County, and an employment portal for those interested in working in the Hospice Services area.

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Bethany Baptist Church revamp completed with new look and feel, interactive features, and site search

September 6, 2005

Bethany Baptist Church in Peoria, IL has grown and changed dramatically since BitSculptor originally built their web site in 1999. Attendance has nearly doubled, a church has been planted (with more in the works), staff members have been brought on, and ministries have evolved.

Their new web site design features a completely revamped look and feel based around their new logo. Extensive interactive features and content management tools are also plugged into the site, allowing members to create custom home pages and secure online directory listings. Site administration tools let approved staff and volunteers update the regularly-changing site content such as front page features, calendar events, ministries, photo albums, document archives, sermon audio and other resources, missions database, and more.

The site also includes our innovative full-text search tool, which gives visitors the ability to search the entire site for any phrase and return relevant search results.

Check it out online at:


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Kelseyville Pear Festival goes live, BitSculptor donates web hosting

September 4, 2005

The Kelseyville Pear Festival is an annual event which draws thousands to the small country town of Kelseyville, CA. Now in its 13th year, the festival's board of directors contacted BitSculptor seeking a professional web presence which would present the festival in a cohesive, well-branded, positive light to both tourists and local attendees.

Site content includes festival schedules, directions to Kelseyville, sponsor list, and more.

As a proud supporter of local events, BitSculptor was happy to donate our web hosting services to the Kelseyville Pear Festival web site.

Check it out online at:


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Delivering content to user's desktops - podcasting tools rolled out for church web sites

September 1, 2005

BitSculptor recently implemented podcast creation tools for two of our church web site clients (Riverside Community Church and Bell Shoals Baptist Church).

What is a Podcast?
"Podcast" is just Apple's well-branded term for an audio broadcast using RSS (Really Simple Syndication), a common Internet technology which allows you to subscribe to content "feeds." This content is then downloaded to your computer or MP3 player automatically, allowing you to browse new information (or new audio) without making you go online to seek it out. Essentially, the beauty of podcasting and RSS is that the web comes to you.

Why Podcast?
Churches who regularly post message audio files on their site can increase their exposure and overall listening audience by podcasting their audio. Podcasts can be added to popular directories, giving churches exposure in otherwise untapped areas. Podcasting also helps ensure that your content (in this case, the message audio) reaches the listener's computer, instead of waiting for the listener to take the initiative and download the audio themselves.

How Do You Create a Podcast?
BitSculptor's new Podcast creation tools make podcasting a breeze. Coupled with other tools in our OAF toolset, creating a podcast is as simple as selecting an MP3 file from your computer and uploading it through our simple forms-based interface. The complex work of creating an XML file, saving the MP3, etc is done by our code in the background.

View Riverside Community Church's Podcast Page

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Megapix Photography web site goes live with online photo purchasing and photographer portfolios

August 26, 2005

Reneé Lopez of Megapix Photo needed a web site which presented her work to potential clients, while selling current photos to clients for weddings, golf tournaments, and other events.

Many of the events which Reneé shoots are popular events which draw a large number of "out of town" people who are interested in purchasing their photos after the event. Because of this, a strong web presence was essential to the fulfillment of Megapix Photo's business goals.

BitSculptor's custom photo purchasing application allows customers to pay using credit card, Paypal, or check/money order using a simple interface.

As a site administrator, Reneé or anyone on her staff can manage albums and upload photos to her online store using our simple, secure online OAF tools interface.

Check it out online at:


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BitSculptor relocating to 901 South Main in Lakeport, CA

August 15, 2005

After nearly four years at our present location, BitSculptor's offices will be moving a short distance south to 901 South Main in Lakeport, CA effective October 1, 2005. We encourage our local customers to stop in and say hello!

Why the Relocation?
To put it simply, we have outgrown our current office space. Our new office is nearly 10 times the size of the current BitSculptor office, giving us room for anticipated growth and client meetings.

What About Our Web Hosting?
Many of our web hosting clients have asked us if the move will affect their web hosting services in any way. The short answer is "no." We colocate our web hosting servers with a server farm in Seattle, and our moving does not in any way affect the web servers which run our sites.

How Do We Contact You During the Move?
The best way to contact us during the move (during the last few days of September) is via email--simply send a message to If you need to talk on the phone, our main phone line (707-263-5241) should stay up during the entire move. If you can't get through on the land line, please call the mobile phone at (707) 245-6611.

What's Going To Happen Next?
BitSculptor has been expanding during the last year, and we anticipate more growth in the future. As more specialized workers come on board, our overall product and service quality increases. With more office space, strong partnerships, and a full-time dedication to our clients needs we are now in a position to deliver better solutions than ever before. Watch for new service offerings as we begin to focus on the key needs of our clientele.

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Engenius Technologies, Inc selects BitSculptor to revamp extensive corporate web presence

August 8, 2005

EnGenius Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Senao International, a 25 year old Taiwan Fortune 200 company with over 1200 employees and 2 manufacturing plants.

EnGenius products provide long-range wireless communications solutions for the SME market. EnGenius Technologies has four offices in North America (Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami, and Seattle). Products for the North American market are engineered and designed in Seattle.

BitSculptor was selected to completely revamp EnGenius' web presence, providing a clean and user-friendly interface to product information, manuals, dealer features, and more. The core of the revampled site will include advanced content management tools and database-driven content running on Microsoft's .net platform, allowing the site's data to integrate well with existing and future other backend systems such as shipping, inventory, and RMA.

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Lost Boys Band goes live

July 18, 2005

The Lost Boys Band is a local band here in Lake County, CA. The young duo are making a name for themselves with self-penned tunes and strong stage presence, winning local and regional competitions.

Their new web site was developed to communicate upcoming shows, news, and audio clips of their music to a growing base of fans and booking managers. People interesting in booking the band can visit the site to learn more about the band's history, look at photos, read reviews, and hear the band's signature sound.

Check them out online at:


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Pow Wow Comedy Jam site goes live with video and simple web-based content management tools

July 14, 2005

The Pow Wow Comedy Jam is a Native American comedy tour which play shows nationwide.

Based out of Northern California, the Pow Wow Comedy Jam desired a revamped web presence with a more professional feel and basic content management capabilities. BitSculptor delivered with an high-impact design and user-friendly backend tools for managing the site's news and upcoming shows content.

The site also includes streaming video clips of sample shows, comedian bios, booking information, and more. Phase 2 plans include search engine positioning work and a "media" area for hi-res graphics and copy downloads.

Check them out online at:


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Regatta Watercraft Rentals site goes live

July 13, 2005

As the newest watercraft rental service in Lake County, Regatta Watercraft Rentals needed a strong web presence which would appeal to tourist traffic who would search for services online before visiting the county.

The site relies on a strong visual image and basic textual content to communicate the essentials to visitors. The overall goal of the site is communicate core information (rental rates, watercraft specs, etc) to the target audience (potential watercraft rental clients).

Check them out online at:


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Announcing enhanced search engine optimization services

July 6, 2005

Visit our search engine optimization page for more information.

Posted 7/6/2005 in Products/Services goes live with expanded Agent Portal capabilities

April 13, 2005

The revamped agent portal is a secured area for CPS Country Air agents. While we cannot disclose the precise capabilities of the propriety agent portal application, we can say it provides a central link for Country Air's six regional offices and over 60 agents, providing resources and tools to empower them to do their best work.

A key feature of the agent portal application is the Single Sign On capabilities it offers, which allow agents signed into the portal to access other secured sites with a single click (no second login required). These third-party web sites are tightly secured, but the agent portal application passes the necessary login information to the third-party site without requiring the agent to enter the information on each visit.

While the agent portal itself is secured, you can view the Country Air web site at

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Riverside Community Church site re-design completed

April 12, 2005

Over 2-1/2 years ago BitSculptor completely revamped the web presence of Riverside Community Church in Peoria, IL. We built powerful content management tools and coupled them with an hip, "urban church" design to create a truly unique and powerful web site.

Today, Riverside is a larger church with a broader ministry base and an expanded vision for what can be done on the web. We redesigned Riverside's front page (and all internal site pages) to better reflect Riverside's current direction and vision, give the site a fresh look, and make room for expanded content.

Check it out:

The new front page gives visitors access to the most popular content and features frequently-updated text with large, inviting images. The well-structured layoutmakes it easy for the eyes to scan the page and quickly understand what the site contains.

The site's navigation tools also received an upgrade with a dynamic pulldown menu system giving visitors access to any page on the site in just one click.

The menu system updates itself on the fly as new events, ministries, and other content is added to the site through our OAF tools.

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BitSculptor selected to develop real estate agent portal and revamped web presence for CPS Country Air Realty

February 1, 2005

As the largest real estate brokerage in Lake County, CPS Country Air Properties is home to a large number of agents spread over 6 different offices. These agents need a centralized point of access to a wide variety of specialized online services including marketing, title, and parcel map tools. BitSculptor will be developing a secure agent portal for use by CPS Country Air Properties agents.

BitSculpor will also be revamping the overall CPS Country Air Properties web site to improve the look and feel and usability of the site as a whole.

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ALZETA Corporation web site goes live

January 12, 2005

Since 1982, ALZETA Corporation has developed and produced advanced combustion-based products for industry featuring optimized performance, superior efficiency and the lowest emissions. Based in Santa Clara, CA, ALZETA's unique expertise in creating and supplying cutting-edge combustion technology products has resulted in more than 25 patents and recognition of ALZETA as the leader in developing advanced combustion clean air solutions.

The revamped ALZETA web site features powerful interactive features for clients and sales/service representatives, including secured request for quote (RFQ) submission tools, product FAQs, and product literature downloads. RFQs, FAQs, news items, and visitor registrations are all maintained via a custom backend content management system developed by BitSculptor. The site also features our proprietary site search tool.

Check it out:


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BitSculptor to develop web presence for local children's services program First 5 Lake County.

January 5, 2005

BitSculptor has been selected to develop an interactive web presence for First 5 Lake County, a public agency which funds and supports programs for children prenatal to five years of age.

First 5 is funded by the California Children and Families Act of 1998, which was designed to provide, on a community-by-community basis, all children prenatal to five years of age with a comprehensive, integrated system of early childhood development services.

The web site will feature a community resources calendar, grant funding information, and other resources for local parents, children, and program directors.

More information about First 5 can be found at the First 5 California web site:

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