Wood Song Guitars web site goes live

December 22, 2006

BitSculptor has completed the development of the Wood Song Guitars web site, located at

Built to demanding specifications with top-notch materials, Wood Song aims to offer quality guitars at bargain prices by selling direct to the consumer through their web site.

With a web site as their sole storefront, a quality web presence is key to the success of Wood Song's business. BitSculptor has worked with Wood Song every step of the way to plan web site content, layout, and Internet marketing strategies. Once the plans were laid, BitSculptor's team worked over the span of several months to make them a reality.

The web site features a simple yet powerful navigation structure, allowing visitors to easily browse its extensive content. E-commerce functionality is built into the site, allowing visitors to easily purchase guitars and add options to their instruments.

The site also includes additional backend features like email list management, free giveaways tools, order fulfillment and processing, and a warranty registration engine.

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Antlers Resort & Marina redesign project completed

October 11, 2006

BitSculptor has completed the redesign of the Antlers Resort & Marina web site, located at

The new web site features a simplified navigation structure, allowing visitors to easily find the information they seek. The site also pushes the online reservations feature throughout its pages.

BitSculptor's photography services held two separate photo shoots at the resort in order to furnish the site with a comprehensive set of photos. These photos can be seen throughout the site, including the houseboat detail pages.

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Northwest Assembly of God web site goes live with myChurch content management tools

September 29, 2006

NWAOG Screenshot NWAOG Screenshot

Northwest Assembly of God (NWAOG) in Mount Prospect, IL is a growing church with a desire to inform current and potential attenders about the church's beliefs and activities. They approached BitSculptor with a desire to revamp their web site to include regularly-changing content which NWAOG could maintain easily.

NWAOG ScreenshotBitSculptor redesigned the site, then implemented "myChurch" tools to let NWAOG staff and volunteers maintain the calendar of events, ministry homepages, staff bios, front page graphics and text, and more.

As a "soup to nuts" web solutions provider, BitSculptor is also hosting the web site, meaning NWAOG will have one point of contact for their Internet presence needs.

Visit the NWAOG web site

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E-commerce tools completed for Cheese Cake City, Inc

September 21, 2006

BitSculptor has completed the development of secure drop ship partner tools for, a Berkeley, CA-based company which specializes in fine mail-order cheesecakes. The system provides a secure, web-based ordering interface from which partners can quickly place orders.

The overall goals of this project were to improve site usability, provide increased security, and reduce order processing efficiencies. These goals were met by:

  • Radically streamlining the ordering process: the order process was distilled down to 3 simple screens (add items to cart, shipping/billing info, and confirmation)
  • Reducing the possibility of data entry errors: data entered by users is validated extensively to reduce the possibility of bad data
  • Using industry-standard SSL encryption throughout the ordering process: partner billing information is encrypted and secured via industry-standard technologies
  • Implementing simple store-management tools: can easily administer the catalog of items, shipping costs, and partner information via a powerful web-based tools

About the Client:
Cheese Cake City began baking cheesecakes in 1985, shipping mail order cheesecakes in 1989 and opened for business on the Web in November 1996. Since baking their first cheesecake in 1985, they have built a reputation for unsurpassed quality, consistency, and value. Visit them online at

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City of Lakeport web site development project completed

July 28, 2006

The City of Lakeport, California and BitSculptor are proud to announce that the web site is now live.

City of Lakeport As a portal for the City, the site allows visitors, residents, and businesses to easily find the information they seek. Content includes City news, events, department homepages, document archives, and much more. With well-organized content and simple navigation, in-depth information is at the fingertips of site visitors. The site also includes a sitewide search tool.

Any site visitor can easily create a myLakeport account, which allows them to subscribe to document folders and receive news updates via email.

Visit the City of Lakeport web siteThe extensive and varied site content is maintained via a custom content management system developed in-house by BitSculptor (whose offices are located on Lakeport's historic Main Street). Various city personnel have different levels of access to the site, allowing them to maintain their content as desired.

Fully designed, developed, and hosted in-house by BitSculptor, the site also includes professional photography work from our newly developed photography branch.

Check it out online at


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Hospice Services of Lake County web site goes live

July 17, 2006

BitSculptor has completed the initial development of a web site for Hospice Services of Lake County. The new site includes extensive content, content management tools, and a custom design based on an identity package from our friends at MAX Design Studio.

Custom content management tools allow Hospice staff to easily maintain the site's event calendar, news, and job openings.

Phase 2 work currently underway will allow site visitors to donate and register for events via the web site.

Check it out online at:

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African American Wellness Project chooses BitSculptor for brand and web site development

June 29, 2006


Based in the Bay Area of California, the African American Wellness Project (AAWP)'s mission is "to improve the health and quality of life of African Americans in the Bay Area through the collective efforts of diverse community groups, schools, businesses and government agencies."

BitSculptor will be developing the brand image for the AAWP, including a new logo (seen on this page) and a fresh web site design.

The revamped web site will include extensive content relating to African American health, including audio and video health tips, recipes, a directory of physicians, an "Ask the Doctor" feature, and a directory of health-related community events.

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BitSculptor's email marketing application provides an end-to-end email marketing solution for your web site

June 26, 2006

BitSculptor has completed the development of our powerful email marketing toolset. Built to run in an Windows server environment using a SQL Server or MS Access backend database, these tools provide the core functionality to easily build, maintain, and effectively utilize email marketing for small or large email lists.

Capabilities and Features:

  • Grow your email list by enabling subscriptions from multiple sources on your (or third-party) site(s).
  • Maintain your list as needed by easily searching, removing, and adding list members. (Note: members can easily unsubscribe themselves if desired.)
  • Track the effectiveness of your list messages by looking in detail at the number of times each link in your message is clicked
  • Automatic archiving of messages and statistics allow you to view your email marketing history.
  • Compose messages in a rich text editor which allows you to save message drafts, insert images, and format text precisely.
  • Prevent being tagged as a spammer by implementing email "best practices" throughout the entire marketing process.

This tool has already been successfully implemented on sites with list sizes ranging from less than 500 to over 30,000. More implementations of the tool are scheduled in the coming months.

Interested in having this email marketing tool implemented into your web site? Contact us today!

    Live Statistics Screenshot

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Cynthia Tablak & Associates Fire Consultancy web site goes live

June 19, 2006

Cynthia Tablak & Associates (CTA) has served a wide variety of clients in the private and public sectors, but desired to focus on consultancy work for fire departments. Delivering high-quality training on topics such as Strategic Planning, Problem Solving, and Process Re-Engineering, CTA works to help fire services meet and exceed the needs of their communities and organizations.

Their new web site delivers content in a very straightforward manner, presenting a high-level view of past client and work while explaining the details of services offered. A "fire" theme is used throughout the site, coupled with CTA's signature colors and graphic elements.

Check it out online at:



Posted 6/19/2006 in Site Launches of Berkeley, CA selects BitSculptor to revamp web tools for drop ship partners

June 16, 2006 of Berkeley, CA has selected BitSculptor to revamp their backend ordering systems to improve usability, provide increased security, and reduce efficiencies. The system provides a web-based ordering interface to drop ship partners.

Cheese Cake City began baking cheesecakes in 1985, shipping mail order cheesecakes in 1989 and opened for business on the Web (as in November 1996. Since baking their first cheesecake in 1985, they have built a reputation for unsurpassed quality, consistency, and value. Visit them online at

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Hornbaker Gardens of Princeton, IL goes live with new branding, site design, and e-commerce

April 3, 2006

Based in Princton, IL, Hornbaker Gardens has sold a variety of plants via mail order and on site since 1987. Specializing in irises, daylilies, and hostas, Hornbaker Gardens chose BitSculptor to revamp their web presence, creating a new image for the company and expanding web site capabilities to provide for the online purchasing of their core products.

BitSculptor designed a new logo for Hornbaker Gardens, for use on the web site, brochures, and various other marketing materials.

Visitors to the site may purchase hosta, daylilies, and irises via the online store. Gift certificates may also be purchased and redeemed through the web site, and an opt-in email list allows Hornbaker Gardens to easily contact past customers to inform them of sales and news.

BitSculptor implemented a custom URL rewriting tool on the site's catalog pages in order to increase visibility to top search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. This tool ensures that each page of the catalog is seen as unique to the search engine, which greatly expands the amount of site content the search engine will index. More content indexed leads to more search engine referals, and more referals leads to increased sales.

Check it out online at:




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Lakeport Unified School District web site goes live

March 13, 2006

The new Lakeport Unified School District (LUSD) web site combines a custom design with powerful content management tools to provide the District with a polished Internet presence which delivers a wealth of content to site visitors.

Site content includes employment opportunities, district news, bus schedules, full site search capabilities, and much more.

Check it out online at:



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City of Lakeport, CA selects BitSculptor to develop city web site

March 9, 2006

BitSculptor has been selected by the City of Lakeport to develop the web site. As one of the city's "top 6 priorities" for 2006, will serve as a vehicle to inform local residents, business, and visitors about the city's government, events, and other topics of interest.

The web site will feature in-depth information on a variety of topics including municipal code, local events, and current news. Most of the site's content will be managed by city staff via BitSculptor's custom content management tools. These tools will enable a wide variety of staff members to modify specific site content.

Look for the site to go live towards the end of Q2, 2006.

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Country Air Platinum Properties site goes live

February 24, 2006

Platinum Properties is a division of Country Air Properties, Inc. Headed by Broker Associate Debra Sacco, Platinum Properties specializes in distinctive, high end properties. Their web site reflects this distinctive character with a high-quality, uncluttered interface.

Site content includes property listings, services descriptions, contact information, and more.

Check it out online at:



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First 5 Lake County goes live with site management tools

January 10, 2006

Lake County's First 5 Commission is charged with devloping a strategic plan that will improve child development countywide, thereby ensuring a healthier, better educated and ultimately happier adult community in future years.

BitSculptor recently completed First 5 Lake County's new web site. The site provides a powerful vehicle to communicate First 5's vision, goals, and current projects to the public.

Secure content management tools are built into the site, allowing First 5 Lake County staff to maintain information like events, grants, meeting minutes, and news.

Check it out online at:



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