Lakeport Elementary School Web Site Goes Live

December 20, 2007

Lakeport Elementary ScreenshotBitSculptor has completed the development of the Lakeport Elementary School web site, located at

The Lakeport Elementary web site includes a custom design created to fit the spirit of the school and to reflect the playfulness of the students who attend. This is highlighted in the bright and easy-to-use navigation as well as the images of the school scattered throughout the site.

Other features on the site include resources for parents as well as backend tools used by the teachers and staff to keep the site informative and up to date.

Lakeport Elementary is part of the Lakeport Unified School District located in Lake County, California.

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Lake Event Design Site Goes Live

October 30, 2007

Lake Event Design ScreenshotLogo

BitSculptor has completed the development of the Lake Event Design site, located at

Lake Event Design is a full-service event planning company in Lake County, California. They offer party rentals, full-service event planning, day of event service, or hourly event planning services, and have the experience to turn an event into a special, stress-free occasion.

The Lake Event Design site includes a custom design tailored to reflect the elegance and quality offered with the company's event planning services. The content is layed out in an easy to navigate format offering users quick access to the information they need to make an informed decision regarding Lake Event Design's services. 

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Block Adobe Acrobat PDF Trojan Attacks

October 29, 2007

If you are running Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7, be sure to update your Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader software to avoid falling prey to a new Trojan horse virus that is making the rounds.

Essentially, a newly discovered flaw in Adobe's Acrobat Reader let hackers place a Trojan horse virus in a PDF file, which is then sent via email (often with convincing subject lines such as "Invoice," "Statement," or "Bill.") Opening the PDF file infects your system with the virus.

Adobe PDF software has built-in automatic updates that will eventually update the software to patch the problem, but we recommend doing it now to stay safe.

Read more about the issue at PC World's site >

Visit to download the PDF updates >

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BitSculptor Selected to Develop Website for Lake County Winery Association

October 18, 2007


BitSculptor has been selected to develop an interactive website for the Lake County Winery Association.

Formed with the goal of creating greater public awareness of the booming Lake County wine region, founding members of the association include Zoom Wines, Gregory Graham Wines, Langtry Farms, Shannon Ridge Winery and Cougar's Leap.

Read more about the newly-formed Lake County Winery Association here.

The website will be used as a marketing tool for the Lake County wine area and member wineries. It will also contain a calendar of local wine events, and information about joining the association.

The association's site is expected to go live before the start of 2008.


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Organize, Edit, and Send Your Photos with Picasa… Free!

October 17, 2007

Picasa logoOur clients often ask us for software recommendations, and a frequent request is for decent, cheap photo editor. In this age of digital photography we often find ourselves with hundreds or thousands of images on our systems, but no way to easily edit the images, send them in compressed formats via email, or even get them organized.

Picasa changes all that, and does it for free. It allows you to easily organize and edit your photos, then let the world know about them thru email, prints, or posting on the web.
Some of the free software that comes with digital cameras can do what Picasa does, but I’ve always found said software (from Kodak, Canon, etc) to be slow and unwieldy.

Picasa screenshotPicasa, on the other hand, is very user-friendly, automatically doing what you want it to, and making everything else pretty easy.  If you aren’t inclined to tackle one of the more full-featured photo editors out there (like Adobe’s Photoshop or Lightroom), Picasa’s basic photo editing features may be just what you need. Image editing is easy: you can adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, crop, rotate, convert to black and white, and much more.

As a professional photographer I use Adobe Lightroom for my photo processing, but I’ve personally used Picasa for a couple years now as a way to organize my photos and post them to my Picasa Web Album because it’s easy, fast, and free.

Did I mention it’s free? Check it out.

Until Next Time,
Eric Schlange
BitSculptor: Websites that click.

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BitSculptor announces Postini spam filtering option

September 24, 2007


BitSculptor is happy to announce that Postini, an enterprise-grade spam and virus filtering solution, is available on a per-mailbox basis to our hosting customers.

BitSculptor's president Eric Schlange had this to say about the new Postini option: "BitSculptor's hosting services use a variety of tools to stop spam and virus emails before they ever reach our customers, and while these tools filter out most of the spam, enough gets through that some of our customers have been asking us for a “beefier” spam filtering tool. I've personally tested Postini extensively on a variety of accounts, and am happy to say I'm sure our customers will be more than satisfied with the results they get with Postini."

We’ve been evaluating spam filtering solutions for our customers for the past several months, and have chosen Postini for these reasons:

- Postini stops virtually ALL spam and virus messages from ever reaching your inbox
- Postini lets all the good messages through (virtually no "false positives")
- Setup is quick and easy (no changes required on our customer's end)
- Postini priced very competitively (similar solutions often cost $50-$60/year/mailbox)

Cost for Postini is $25 per mailbox per year. No setup costs! We believe the benefits of Postini far outweight the cost, given how much time many of us spend wading through spam. If you could eliminate spam, would it be worth $2/month?

Money-Back Guarantee:
We're convinced that you'll be very happy with the results of using Postini, but if you aren't, we'll gladly refund your money as long as you cancel within the first 30 days of using it.

Ready To Get Started?
Send an email to or give us a call to get Postini set up on your account(s).

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General Baptist National Missions site goes live

September 20, 2007

BitSculptor has completed the development of the General Baptist National Missions web site, located at

General Baptist National Missions is a part of the General Association of General Baptists. Headquartered in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, General Baptists around the world have been sharing the word of God and planting new churches throughout the U.S. and across seas since 1823.

The National Missions site includes a wide array of content, with custom-developed backend tools allowing National Mission staff to easily maintain the site. Features include a blog, video archives, church plant projects list, newsletter archive, and links archives. Online donations (one-time or recurring) are also accepted, and an email list tool is included to allow for easy communication with anyone interested in National Missions.

Dr. Stephen Gray, National Missions Director, had this to say about his experience with BitSculptor on the project:

"BitSculptor is an excellent company to work with. They responded to my needs quickly and acted in a professional manner. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to create a powerful and informative presence on the Internet. BitSculptor get two thumbs up from me!"

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Konocti Realty web site goes live

July 17, 2007

BitSculptor has completed the development of the Konocti Realty web site, located at

Since Konocti Realty is a family-owned company that has been successfully selling real estate in Lake County for over 40 years, BitSculptor worked closesly with Owner/Broker Stacey Mattina to ensure that the site's branding and message were consisten with the strong brand already in place for Konocti Realty.

The site was designed using the colors and playful feel of the Konocti Realty logo, creating a cohesive and professional look and feel across the entire site.

BitSculptor developed custom site management tools which allow Konocti Realty staff to update their blog, email lists, agent profiles, and various site pages through a simple, secure, browser-based interface.

The site also includes BitSculptor's powerful Lake County MLS search tools, allowing visitors to easily search the Lake County MLS. Visitors can also create a "myKonocti" account and save favorite MLS listings and searches to their profile for later retrieval. Visitors can also subscribe to receive an email update whenever a new listing is added to the MLS which mathces their search criteria.

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Madeson Photography web site goes live

February 15, 2007

BitSculptor has completed the development of the Madeson Photography web site, located at

Based in beautiful Lake County, California, Lyle and Deanna Madeson have spent many hours capturing the birds, wildlife, vineyards, and natural beauty of the area. Their interest in photography has also taken them to Alaska, the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, the Amazon Jungle, the southwestern and southeastern United States, with plans to visit Africa in the near future.

The site was designed using black, white, and greys to keep visitors focused on the beautiful photographs for sale throughout the site.

BitSculptor developed custom site management tools which allow Lyle and Deanna to update their galleries, pricing, and more through a simple, secure, browser-based interface.

The site also includes BitSculptor's powerful site search tools, allowing visitors to easily search for photos by keyword, title, and description.

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February 14, 2007

BitSculptor completed the revamp of the Kelseyville Business Association's (KBA) web site, located at

The town of Kelseyville, California is known by locals as a friendly country town that is growing and changing to include fine eateries, wine tasting, and much more. With their newly designed web site in place, this image will be conveyed to countless visitors online.

The new site features vastly improved site content and management tools, including a Member Directory and Calendar of Events.

All page content is managed through our simple content management tools, allowing KBA staff to easily keep the site updated.

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BitSculptor selected to redesign

February 12, 2007

BitSculptor has been selected to redesign the Lake County Visitor's Guide web site located at Administered by Lake County's Economic Development Department, the site is Lake County's #1 portal for visitor and tourist information.

Because of the site's diverse content, the new design will focus on making the site more user-friendly by reorganizing the site's content into more logical main "areas" and developing intuitive sitewide navigation tools. The new design will also present a more visually-pleasing picture of Lake County's beautiful natural resources in order to better communicate the area's beauty to first-time visitors.

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African American Wellness Project web site goes live

January 2, 2007

BitSculptor has completed the development of the first phase of the African American Wellness Project (AAWP) web site, located at

Based on Oakland, CA, the AAWP was developed in response to a need to reduce the gap between the health of African Americans and other Americans. It is the AAWP's mission to improve your ability to use the health care system by providing you with tools, resources, and information regarding health and health care.

BitSculptor worked with the AAWP to develop their logo and brand, then to design and develop the site. Web hosting services are provided by BitSculptor as well, making this a full "soup to nuts" solution.

The web site features a variety of content including a calendar of health events, health tips video archive, healthy recipies, and searchable physician directory. All of this content is maintained by multiple AAWP staff members using simple, secure content management tools developed by BitSculptor.

The site also includes BitSculptor's powerful email list management tools, allowing the AAWP to easily build an email list, distribute information to the list, and track the effectiveness of messages sent to the list.

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