Lakeport Main Street Site Goes Live

December 29, 2008


BitSculptor recently launched the new Lakeport Main Street Association web site ( The site tools allow administrators to manage member listings and calendar events as well as the content on the rest of the site.

Association members can log in to the site and manage their business listings using Bitsculptor's secure backend tools.

The site design was based on the existing logo provided to Bitsculptor. The logo included a lot of "lake look" curves which were extended across the entire navigation with a large curve. The blue sky background is befitting for a city known for its summer recreation and clean air.

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Bradley Epworth Church Site Goes Live

December 23, 2008

Bradley Epworth Church Screenshot

Bitsculptor is glad to announce the completion of Bradley Epworth Church's website (

The project included branding, site design and development. The branding reveals something of the church's pentecostal roots with the worshipper and flame imagery. The site design is meant to be inviting and to show the church's regional mission with the Peoria skyline in view on each page.

The site included extensive backend tools which range from online giving to managing the different ministries of the church as well as email lists and newsletters.

BitSculptor has been building quality church web sites for years and the new Bradley Epworth Church site shows off what we can offer our clients.

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Website for Shop, Stay, & Play in Lake County Program Launched

December 17, 2008

Sponsored by the Lake County Chamber of Commerce, the Shop, Stay, & Play in Lake County is a program dedicated to encouraging Lake County locals to shop Lake County merchants first.

BitSculptor recently launched the program's website, located at The site features searchable information on local accommodations and restaurants. Members can also post "deals" for Lake County locals. Additional site phases are planned, which will add additional business categories such as professional services and recreation.

All site content is managed using BitSculptor's secure, browser-based content management tools.

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AGM Property Management's New Site Goes Live

November 20, 2008

Screenshot of AGM Property Management Site Design

Bitsculptor recently finished a redesign and development project for AGM Property Management ( located in Lakeport, California and serving all of Lake County.

The previous version of the site was all hardcoded HTML pages which meant that anytime AGM wanted to make changes they had to contact their webmaster to do so. The new site has a password protected administration area where AGM can manage the rental properties that show up on the site. We also created the ability for users to register for accounts which they can then use to apply for rentals online. The rentals are easy to find using the search tools or the custom Google Maps integration which shows the exact location of specific rentals around the lake.

One the design side we were provided with existing branding and used this to create a bold, easy to use look and feel. This includes a navigation bar that stands out and is easy to understand as well as rounded corners on the site pages to complement the curve of the shooting star in the logo.

Beauty and functionality are the hallmarks of Bitsculptor web sites. The new AGM Property Management site is a great example of these two ideas working together. Hooray for us!

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Riviera West Site Goes Live

October 24, 2008

Screenshot of Riviera West
Riviera West is an established neighborhood  in Lake County, California that came to Bitsculptor looking for a web presence for their homeowners association.

The design of the site was created to be warm and inviting while being decidedly "Lake County." This was accomplished through the use of color and strong imagery. The arch along the top of the site resulted from spending a fair amount of time with the logo provided by the association. The logo is actually just a photo of the neighborhood's entry sign which Bitsculptor Photoshopped into something usable.

All of the pages on the site are editable using Bitsculptor's proprietary secure backend tools. This allows the Association to keep the content current thereby making the site a valuable resource for both current and potential residents. As with most homeowners associations there's a lot of documents and rules that need to be readily available to people. To this end, we also included a prominent area where the site administrators can upload documents and sort them into categories as they choose.

Functional beauty was the target and we'd like to think we hit a bullseye.

See for yourself at


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Principle Property Management Site Goes Live

October 5, 2008

Principle Property Management Screenshot
Principle Property Management, located in Peoria, IL, came to us looking for web site design and development. They wanted to be able to manage their rental listings as well as the content on the individual pages. To accomplish this, Bitsculptor implemented our proprietary web site rich text editor which allow clients to log in and manage the content on their pages using a tool very similar to Microsoft Word. We also developed backend tools enabling the Principle Property staff to manage all of their rental listings.

The design was based around their existing logo and their desire to use earth tone colors. We always try to make our design solutions integrate well with company branding and the Principle Property web site was no exception.

Visit the site at

You may also view available Peoria House Rentals on the site.

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For One Chicago Site Goes Live

September 6, 2008

For One Chicago Screenshot

Coordinated by Park Community Church in Chicago, For One Chicago is an annual event in which thousands of volunteers seek to make a difference in the city thru service projects. Bitsculptor recently completed the design and development of the For One Chicago website at

The website facilitates their day of service by allowing coordinators to post the details of the many projects citywide, and allowing people to submit volunteer applications for specific projects.

Using our secure backend tools, the staff can manage projects and online applications from a simple interface. Each page of the site is fully editable using our easy to use "Word-style" text editor. 

This combination of tools ensures that the For One Chicago site will continue to help the citizens of Chicago serve their city for years to come.

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Lakeport Chamber Site Goes Live

July 16, 2008

Lakeport Chamber Screenshot

Bitsculptor recently completed the redesign and development of the Lakeport Chamber of Commerce web site at

The site has quite a few different areas of content and the design team decided that usability would be improved by using a distinct color for each area. These can be seen by rolling over the main navigation items. Also included in the new design is a dynamic Flash image fader on the home page which allows the Chamber site administrators to upload new highlighted events and news graphics using Bitsculptor's proprietary secure backend administration tools.

Using these backend tools, administrators can edit all of the page level content on the site as well as manage and send email newsletters. The benefit of using these administration tools is that all of the site management can be done in house by Chamber staff without needing to come back to Bitsculptor everytime they need something changed. Not only is this an easier solution, it also saves the Chamber money in the long run.

A great new look along with useful and secure administration tools ensure the usefulness of the new Chamber site for years to come.

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Bass is Loaded Mobile DJ Site Goes Live

July 9, 2008

Bass is Loaded Mobile DJ Screenshot

Bitsculptor recently completed the development of the Bass is Loaded Mobile DJ site at

The site was designed to the client's specifications which included using the trademark basepath and colors of the logo throughout the site as well as icons in the navigation to illustrate what users can expect to find in that particular area.

All of the pages on the site are edited by the client using secure backend administration tools developed by Bitsculptor.

In addition to the new design and backend tool development, Bitsculptor also provided Search Engine Optimization for the site. This included researching keywords and implementing them throughout the site.

The client, Oregon wedding DJ specialist, Rick Whitehead, has already seen his search engine ranking climb to the top ten in the short time his new site has been up.


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Microsoft Exchange Hosting Service Announced

July 1, 2008

We are happy to announce our new Microsoft Exchange Hosting Service.

Microsoft Exchange has been used for years by many business customers who are looking for more functionality than standard "POP" mail provides (Microsoft Exchange allows your office to share your calendar and contacts list, among other things).

Until now, many of our customers were forced to host an Exchange server in-house in order to have this functionality. This is a fairly expensive (and risky) proposition since you have to pay for IT staff, server hardware and software, and run the risk of server downtime and lost email.

Our new Exchange Hosting Service is competitively-priced to reduce your overall Exchange Hosting costs, while improving reliability.

Learn more about our Exchange Hosting Service >

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Victorian Village Site Goes Live

June 18, 2008

Victorian Village Screenshot

Bitsculptor recently completed the web site for Victorian Village, a new development of homes in Lake County, California. The web site can be found at

The homes in Victorian Village have all been built in the Victorian style which, along with its lake views and lake frontage, make the development truly one of a kind in Lake County.

Bitsculptor wanted to allow the unique architecture to take center stage. To this end, a muted dark background was used along with an elegant but simple navigation bar. This allows for the quality of the photographs to shine through.

The site employs a registration system which allows the REALTOR's involved in selling the homes to capture user's contact information in exchange for more detailed information on the homes.

Another feature is a backend news update tool which allows the Victorian Village administrators to login and add/edit/delete news as they see fit. These news items are then displayed on the site keeping the content fresh and applicable.

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Yahoo continues to deliver (poor email service, that is!) More information on 451 errors...

April 9, 2008

Once again, Yahoo is returning 451 errors when our customers send email to email addresses. The error message looks something like "451 Message temporarily deferred - 4.16.50." You may also see "Messages from temporarily deferred due to user complaints -"

This seems to happen every few months for no good reason, and any attempts to contact Yahoo support to resolve the issue fall on deaf ears.

What this means for our email hosting customers is that messages to addresses are often delayed or not delivered at all. Yahoo's justification for this is that our mail server is sending spam, but since we control our server tightly and know what goes in and out of it, we know that is not the case.

One factor possibly affecting Yahoo's email service is the recent layoffs of thousands of workers. A quick search on Google shows that this is a widespread issue. It is only a matter of time before Yahoo loses a significant number of email users due to their lack of consistent email delivery.

At BitSculptor, we've been advising our customers who use Yahoo email services to switch to a better service such as Gmail or Hotmail.  Both of these services offer a better product for the same great price (free).


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REALTOR Renee Coffeen's Site Upgrade Launches

March 23, 2008


Bitsculptor recently completed a complete redevelopment of REALTOR Renee Coffeen's web site located at

The new site includes an integrated custom MLS search tool which provides users with easier to use and more advanced options for searching the Lake County MLS. No more clodgy third-party tools that limit what users can do and what information REALTORS can provide.

Other upgrades from the old site include:

Blog. Renee can keep her web site visitors informed about the local real estate market

Email Newsletter. Users can sign up and receive regular updates from Renee.

Custom Page Editor. Renee can edit all of page level content using Bitsculptor's proprietary site administration tools.

and more!

The new design reflects the curves and elegance of Renee's script logo while enhancing the elegance and beauty of the homes featured on the site.  

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DJ Super Laser 2000 Goes Live

March 3, 2008


Bitsculptor recently launched the DJ Super Laser 2000 site at

The DJ Super Laser 2000 has a couple of interesting features not found on all sites. The first is the language option allowing users the option of viewing the content in Spanish or English. This is an important feature in Lake County, California where the number of native Spanish speakers is very high.

The other feature of note is the design itself which provides a bright and bold platform for owner Jesus Tapia to show off his equipment and services. This while remaining exceptionally easy for users to navigate.

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Enviro-Safe Refrigerants Site Redesign Goes Live

February 4, 2008

ScreenshotBitSculptor has launched the redesigned site of Enviro-Safe Refrigerants at

The new design reflects the company's commitment to the environment by using bright colors and eye-catching graphics while not sacrificing usability.

Using Bitsculptor's custom administration tools, Enviro-Safe can easily manage their product line, orders and site resources all in one place.

Functional beauty is the catchphrase here. Visit the site and we think you'll agree.


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Play Up Goes Live

January 25, 2008

Play Up Logo and ScreenshotBitSculptor has completed the development of the Play Up fundraiser web site, located at

Play Up is a fundraiser for the southern Oregon Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Athletes in Action non-profits. The event will feature Christian recording artist Rebecca St. James as well as  NFL kicker, and local product, Josh Bidwell of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

The site saw many changes throughout the development process. The domain name and all graphics had to change when the original headliner and professional athlete combo dropped out due to changed circumstances. While these changes may have been frustrating for the event planners we were able to make the changes quickly and effectively in order to get the site up with plenty of time before the event.

The Play Up site also includes a backend News tool for the FCA staff to use in order to keep people up to date on the upcoming event.

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Sutter Lakeside Hospital Contracts BitSculptor for Website Management and Training

January 14, 2008

Sutter Lakeside HospitalSutter Lakeside Hospital has contracted BitSculptor to manage the hospital's website, located at

BitSculptor will be managing day-to-day content changes, developing new site features, maintaining website-related databases, and training Sutter Lakeside Hospital employees to maintain specific sections of the site.

About Sutter Lakeside Hospital

Sutter Lakeside Hospital is a community-based, not-for-profit hospital located in Lakeport, CA. Founded in 1945 as a 30-bed private facility called Lakeside Community Hospital, the hospital was donated to the community in 1966 and a non-profit corporation was formed. In 1992 the hospital affiliated with Sutter Health and changed its name to Sutter Lakeside Hospital. Serving residents of Lake County, Sutter Lakeside Hospital has 69 licensed beds and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

About the Sutter Health Network

Sutter Lakeside Hospital is an affiliate of Sutter Health, a family of not-for-profit hospitals and physician organizations that share resources and expertise to advance health care quality. Serving more than 100 communities in Northern California, Sutter Health doctors and hospitals are regional leaders in pediatric, obstetrical, heart and cancer care.

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January 2, 2008

Banjos for Sale at

Bluegrass Banjos for SaleBitSculptor has launched, a website dedicated to the buying and selling of used and new banjos.

Banjos for sale are pulled from the Banjo Hangout classified listings, making have the largest number of used and new banjos for sale of any website online today.'s mission is to provide additional web exposure to listings of banjos for sale, and includes extensive search engine optimization for key phrases such as:

New and Used Gibson Banjos For Sale
New and Used Deering Banjos For Sale
New and Used Gold Tone Banjos For Sale
New and Used Stelling Banjos For Sale
New and Used Gibson Banjos For Sale
New and Used Recording King Banjos For Sale
New and Used Open Back Banjos For Sale
New and Used Bluegrass Banjos For Sale
New and Used Tenor and Plectrum Banjos For Sale 

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